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A Day in a Faster’s Life

Posted in Extra Knowledge, Think about it on September 7, 2009 by Muslimah

Do you want to protect yourself from the thirst of 50,000 years on the Day of Judgment? When you fast one day in Ramadan, this means you fast 14 hours = 50,000 seconds.

Do you imagine that these 50,000 seconds protect you from the thirst of 50,000 years on the Day of Judgment? (This means that one second in Ramadan equals an entire year of the years of thirst and head on Judgment day!)

Dear brothers and sisters, half of Ramadan has already gone, once cannot be recovered. It is enough that you missed many Ramadans in your life. If you fell once, rise up and do not despair. Let this Ramadan be as if it were the last in your life. So, whet your resolution and start Ramadan projects with us as much as possible:

PROJECT (1):  How to be a multi-millionaire in 30 days?

-Do you know that the good deeds of reciting the whole Qur’an on regular days = 3.3 million good deeds deeds (it means that it cancels 3.3 million bad deeds).

Then, what about the recitation of the whole Qur’an in Ramadan? Here are hundreds of millions of good deeds in your hands. Would you let them go? Then you shall regret every single good deed you lost on the Day of Judgment? Recitation of the whole Qur’an will make you balance more than that of millionaires and billionaires!! Subhan Allah

PROJECT (2): Ramadan has changed me – Taraweeh, preparation project

Taraweeh is: the restful night prayer in Ramadan.

Prepare the part of Qur’an to be recited at night during the taraweeh prayer. Read it after afternoon prayer with deliberation and reflection and you will realize the profound difference in your concentration at taraweeh prayer.  (In this way, you will achieve two recitations of the whole Qur’an: the one at taraweeh and the one after afternoon prayer).

If possible, read the interpretation of that part or listen to a cassette on the same topic. Then you would achieve a rare recitation of the whole Qur’an: Study recitation. You can then say that there is a real change in Ramadan. Do not say that this is difficult; always remember that you’re doing this for Allah.

PROJECT (3): Lost Treasure

Many people waste their time after Iftar although that if you read just one part of the Qur’an you will recite the whole Qur’an during the month. What prevents you from doing that? Is it a comic program? Or an interview with an artist?

PROJECT (4): What are you waiting for? (Repentance Knights)

Promise Allah ( the Almighty) in Ramadan to repent every day from a certain sin and never perpetrate it again. On the first day, give up smoking, on the second give up forbidden mingling with other gender; on the third, stop listening to forbidden songs; on the fifth, clean your mobile and hard disk from anything that can cause Allah’s wrath, etc. (To do this, you should avoid anything forbidden in the two monitors during Ramadan: Internet and TV)

However, because Ramadan have passed quickly, if you still didn’t repent, it’s your chance now before it ends.

Repent, its your time! It’s your time to erase your sins, to get closer to Allah, to do more for your after life than this life. Don’t waste those days… those days that will pass quickly and we never know if we will live until next Ramadan.