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Ist’ghfar Allah

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The story of 3 friends…

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Not long ago, three friends came to the New York city. They decided to stay in a hotel during the visit.

It so happened that their room ended up being on the 60th floor.

The policy of the hotel was that everynight after 12:00 a.m. the elevators are shut down for securityreasons.The next day, the three friends rented a car and went out to explore the city. They enjoyed movies, concerts, and other things throughout the whole day. At one point, they remembered that they have to get back to the hotel before 12 a.m.

When they arrived, it was beyond 12 a.m. at night. The elevators were shut down. There was no other way to get back to their room but to take the stairs all the way to the 60th floor. All of a sudden, one friend got an idea.

He said “For the first 20 floors, I will tell jokes to keep us going. Then another one of us could say wisdom stories for the next 20 floors. Finally, we will cover the other 20 floors with sad stories.”

So, one of the friends started with the jokes. With laughs and joy,they reached the 20th floor. Now, another friend started saying stories that are full of wisdom. So, they learned a lot while reaching the 40th floor. Now, it was time for the sad stories.

So, the third friend started thus, “My first sad story is that I left the key for the room in the car.”Now, what is the point of this story?

This story resembles our lifecycle. For the first 20 years of our life, we spend time in joking and enjoying whatever is out there. Then, after we reach 20, we go into the work force, get marriead, have kids and this is the time when we use our wisdom. Then, if we reach 40, we finally see the white hairs and begin to think that my life is coming to an end and the sadness begins.

It’s better that we start our life in the very beginning by remembering death rather than preparing for it at the end our life when very few of us have the energy to obey Allah completely. We should also remember that there is no guarantee of a life of 60 years for any of us, many have already left this world way before that age.

May Allah give us the ability to make use of our life before death and our youth before old age, Ameen.

Death came… while praying!!! (subhan Allah)

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Subhan Allah, a guy dies while praying , when performing “sejood” .. Thats the mostbeautiful thing that would happen to a person, Subhan Allah ya rab!!! Thats the best

way to die, Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah! 

May Allah protect us all…!

Missed calls from Allah!!!!

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 Among the marvels of modern technology is also the ability to track the missed calls which were made by our friends and family and the likes. We do not get a good night’s sleep, unless we have returned all the calls of those who matter. We don’t let any call go unanswered as long
as we know that it matters. Don’t we??!?!?!?!
But how about the calls of “hay-yaa al-as-salaah and hay-yaa al-al falah” made from the neighbourhood house of our Master, the Almighty Allah? Those calls are made five times a day and many  times they all go unanswered.
We do not respond neither do we respect these missed calls. Do they matter?
Everybody can tell, if these really matter. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but surely in the hereafter. Let us look at ourselves. Can we afford to let these calls of the muezzin be missed, day after day, after day.
The call from our Cherisher, Sustainer and the ultimate Master. Just think about it. Next time one hears this call, just ask yourself how good a night’s sleep can I have by missing those calls from the house of Allah.
Think about it….the answer may come from the inner heart.


May Allah forgive all Muslim people, Ameen!

* Its Beautiful *

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Asalam ALykom..

This is a great story mashallah..

 Once there were these two men that lived in a nursery home. The first person that registered got a place by the window. The man that sat near the window would gaze at it for hours. The other man would watch him and wonder what he was gazing at.
so one day he asks the man, “can you please tell me what you see my friend, as i am paralyzed and cannot see from where i am sitting” the man smiled and said, “My friend i see the most beautiful things…i see flowers growing, the sun shining, children playing, everything is so beautiful.” the paralyzed man soon started to get jealous and couldnt wait until this man left so he could take his place by the window.

Every day he would ask this man what he saw and everyday it was the same reply “its beautiful.” The paralyzed man would get start to feel anticipated and wish this old man would leave so he could see the same beautiful things.

A day comes along and the paralyzed man realizes his friend is not there anymore. So he asks the nurse, “Where is the man that sits here by the window.” she tells him that he had just passed away. The paralyzed man gains a spark in his face, so he asks the nurse “May i have the place near the window since he is not there anymore?” she says ofcoarse. So she places him near the window. He takes a look outside and says “WHAT!?” the nurse looks at him and asks ” is there something wrong?” the paralyzed man replies, “why is there a brick wall here, where are all the beautiful things the man described to me?” the nurse looks at him in confusion and says “The man that used to sit here was blind.” The paralyzed man began to feel shameful for his friend was describing the beauty of the world to make him feel happy since he was unable to see out of the window himself, yet he proved to show that the blindest of all men was him.

 Subhan Allah

Allah knows best!

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Beautiful Mosques from around the world

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