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Goodbye Ramadan..and “hello” shaytan..

Posted in *My Thoughts* on September 30, 2008 by Muslimah


Salam Alaykom brothers and sisters, all around the world,

With sadness.. we say goodbye to the beloved month of Ramadan…

It leaves us with tears in our eyes, a wound within our hearts, a goodbye that gives us pain.. Ours hopes.. and dreams.. is to live this holy month once again next year..

Goodbye Ramadan.. from a pure, tender heart..a heart of a Muslim girl, beating rapidly knowing that you passed away so quickly… leaving her with loneliness surrounding her..! She was sad to hear..

“Ramadan will end on Monday the 29th and Muslims will start Eid al-fitr inshallah on Tuesday the 30th!”Goodbye Ramadan.. goodbye to this month, the month of worship and prayer, the month were our hearts is filled with peace!

Will we ever live to see you once again Ramadan?? Will we have the chance to fast, to give charity, to make dua’a and to go to o’mra while you are here Ramadan?? How hard is it for us to leave you..

Saying goodbye to you really breaks my heart.. and I’m sure it breaks all Muslims hearts to know that you are leaving them..

..waiting for you Ramadan.. If Allah wills.. all Muslims will welcome you again someday.. don’t be late.. we hope that days will pass as quickly as you passed to meet you once again..

.. goodbye .. with our hands reaching up high to Allah, thanking him for this month.. and praying for him to move shaytan away from us..

And may Allah accept our prayers and dua’a Ameen!


 Goodbye Ramadan..  from Muslimah!



My Shade..

Posted in Islamic Poems on September 25, 2008 by Muslimah

You wonder what my shade is,
What it represents.
Call me anything;
An extremist, a fundamentalist,
Anything you desire.
I don’t care.

My shade is
My protection
from this evil world,
from roaming eyes,
from diseased hearts.
Call me anything;
Vain or Submissive.
I don’t care.

My shade is
My Protection
of my beauty,
reserved for one
special gift
that God has given me;
My Life Partner.

This world
is but a fleeting moment
about to end
at Any Time.
The Signs are here.
The Day of Judgement is coming.
No one will enter my grave with me except
My body, my heart, my soul.

Call me a pessimist,
I don’t care.

My shade
Covers me
Like a tree from the sun;
Like a coat of wax
on your shiny new sportscar.

My shade
My protection,
is my Hijab,

I am a woman of Islaam.. and Proud!

Is There Anything More Beautiful‏?

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Do Your Best, Allah Will Do the Rest

Posted in Extra Knowledge on September 10, 2008 by Muslimah
“I’m so anxious about my exams; I’m afraid I won’t get married; I’m feeling bad that I can’t find a suitable person to marry; I spend the night thinking about the future.” These are some of the voices of various youth who are continually anxious and stressed.

People who feel anxious often manifest several symptoms, such as headache, sleeping problems, concentration problems, and distress. Because of the fast rhythm of life in today’s world, which is full of challenges, problems, and stress, anxiety has started to be a common and widespread feeling, especially among the youth.




Actually, anxiety occurs as a result of social, academic, and life stresses. Some youth face social stress and anxiety because of issues like marriage. They feel they may not be able to find a suitable person to marry. Others get worried about whether they will be able to fulfill the financial responsibilities of marriage and other general duties. Even married couples might also face several obstacles in their life, which makes them feel anxious.
Another source of anxiety among the youth is the stress that often comes about because of the fear of failure in choosing the right career or because of high expectations and ambitions.
Even school and university students get anxious particularly during the period of exams. Submitting projects, research papers, and completed assignments and meeting deadlines are also sources of anxiety among students. In many cases, students fear to be blamed if they fail to meet the high expectations of their families. (im one of those people)   🙂


Anxiety can be dangerous if it starts to be part of a person’s lifestyle. This can be the case if you are continually anxious — with or without reason — and if simple things arouse your anxiety. In order to overcome this problem, you first have to think of the negative physical, psychological, and social consequences that might happen as a result of your continual anxiety.
 What can you do? 

Although anxiety is a problem for many people, it can still be solved. Reciting the Qur’an is the best way to get rid of any feeling of anxiety. and from starting off this way, you continue by sharing your feeling with a friend or a member of your family to support you!
 Anyone can experience these anxious feelings, but the important thing is to comprehend the reason behind the anxiety, which mainly arouses from a feeling of fear toward the future. Knowing the future is the choice of Almighty Allah for us, and we have to trust Allah’s choice. We have to be sure that Almighty Allah decides the livelihood and blessings for every one of us.
 Dependence on Almighty Allah

Our role is to exert our utmost effort in our studies, work, and issues at hand and to leave the future to Almighty Allah. Regularly praising and remembering Almighty Allah and reciting His Book are the main key to tranquility of the heart and confidence, which in turn treat any feeling of anxiety. It is not a matter of a specific medication; you are the one who can treat yourself through your sound faith and trust in the will and choice of Almighty Allah.

And always remember to do your best and Allah will do the rest.

(Sunni forums)


Sources of Anxiety

Ramadan..Its time to give zakat

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There are so many poor people on earth, but mostly we ingore them only and then when the news says a baby died of hunger we all say: “Poor baby, why did nobody helped.”
In the Picture above you can see the ignorance very well through the child with the balloon passing by. It’s kinda contrast.

“O believers, never shall you attain to true piety unless you spend on others out of what you cherish yourselves; and whatever you spend – verily, God has full knowledge thereof.” Qur’an – (3:92)

In the Qur’an, Allah tells us to fast during the month of Ramadan so that we may learn to be grateful. So every day, from dawn to dusk, for one entire month, Muslims fast in the hopes of becoming closer to our Lord.
It’s during this time, while our stomachs are empty and our energy wanes, that we remember those around the world who regularly live their days in hunger and poverty.

The facade of real life….  



 It is in these moments that we as Muslims are encouraged to give from the blessings that Allah has given us. And when we do, the rewards are multiplied. From 10 times the reward to 700 times, the benefits of giving are tremendous. 



This Ramadan, share your blessings with those less fortunate. By giving those in poverty, you can help ease the pain and suffering of countless numbers of people around the world, an effort that could not be made without your help.

Every year about 18 million people (50 thousand per day), the majority women and children, die for reasons related with the poverty. Every year about 11 million children die before completing 5 years.
* 1100 million people, about one sixth of the humanity, live with less than 1 dollar per day.

while you’re looking at this picture, somebody else has died.

Allah willing, by helping to provide for others during this blessed month, we can all learn to be grateful for what Allah has provided us. 


Try to offer something to those people in need, even if its just a piece of bread, by increasing your chance to earn good deeds and help ease the suffering of those less fortunate. 

May Allah give you more for your good deeds Ameen!   
(Thats what Islam is all about)


Its the holy month of RAMADAN

Posted in Islamic Poems on September 1, 2008 by Muslimah

Wake up
and hear the…QURAN
It’s the holy month of RAMADAN

The time has come
to give the most sincere worship to the One

Dettach yourself from the world
Arrange your meetings with the true hidden pearls

Leave no room for foul rouse
Apply the monotheist testimony to mark your vows

Shaytans been locked up somewhere
Rest assured, your inhaling pure oxygen air

Be the change you wish to see
Bow down in chaste submission and piety

Answer the calling of truth
and give your spirit an enormous boost

Our good deeds counted as 700 blissful folds
Don’t slip away into the cold heartless mold
Keep it good..and hold

Crown the Quran..
7000 hasana for each letter
The more you read
The more good deeds, the better

Sins are rootless
Don’t make yourself look fruitless

The beggining of this month starts off with His mercy
Swim these boundless shores in gramercy

The middle is a pinpoint on his spread of pardon
Explore the bounty and fruit in his garden

It ends in salvation from hell
Destined to the keys of Paradise to dwell
Envision allevation & victory
If you finished this month with success
you have excelled

Then bid the pious month farewell..
and glue to your precious outlining beneath your shell

Ramadan Mubarak from Muslimah

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