VOTE Muhammad



The is pleased to announce that the following 10 candidates have been nominated for the final round of the Best of Men of All times. The listing is in alphabetical order, and visitors can vote for any one of them as the Best of Men. Voters may find a brief history of the candidates in the Profile section.

Who is the Best of Men?

The declaration of results for Best of Men Vote has been scheduled to 11/1/11 (11th Jan 2011).


“A fantastic research to find whom the people of the world love” – ST News

“No doubt the final out come of this visionary research will create a massive public interest in the life of frontrunner of this poll “- PDA Voice

“A fantastic research to find whom the people of the world love” – ST News



4 Responses to “VOTE Muhammad”

  1. Slave of Allah Says:

    Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is already the greatest man in the world. So why do we need to vote?

    • Salam Slave of Allah

      true! Nobody said anything else.. We all know that our Prophet Mohammed is the greatest! However, as you can see there are alot of people around the world who doesnt know who is Mohammed and alot who disrespect him when they never even read anything about his life! This voting was between 5 people who the people around the world have choosen, (Jesus, Buddah..etc) ofcourse we love our prophet Essa too (Jesus) but by voting Mohammed we are introducing who this man was for billions and billiooonnss in the world.let everyone know Mohammed and his personality.. . As our Prophet said.. Send to the people anything about me even if it was an (aya).

      Afterall the voting had finished.. And the result? Prophet Mohhamed took the most votes! 🙂

  2. Slave of Allah Says:

    Thank you for your quick reply. I am really happy to know that Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) was chosen as the greatest man on the world.

    • You r most welcome my friend Slave of Allah 🙂

      Even if he didnt get the most votes.. Thanx to Allah we know that he is the greatest man.

      May Allah protect you Ameen

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