Muslim manga – Why?



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  1. Mohammed.Z Says:

    We must not give up as Muslims as long as Allah is with us

    Hurray for Islam….Islam forever

    Nice website really..Thanks for it

    My greetings..Al Salam Alikum

    • Salam alykom,

      thank you so much for your wonderful comment
      and may Allah protect all Muslims Ameen.

    • I agree. Allah keeps us strong. We should never give up. I agree with all of this. Linda…you say some of this might be true, but despite what the man is protecting, he shouldn’t take any lives doing so.. therefore terroism will always be looked down on and makes your religion look awful. But…when an american soldier does takes a life to protect Americans, he is a hero. Does that mean American soldiers can kill anyone they want to protect us, but A Muslim man cannot protect his family? That is an oximoron. Linda you also said…nd ovbiously universities are not going to allow hijabs. schools (except for special schools, catholic schools etc) are suppose to be non-religious, and wearing a hijab is religious.. I wear a hijab to my school every day. And I am allowed to wear it. Actually, it is illegal to make a student take off their head scarf if it is religous. I love being a Muslimah. I am proud of it. I had a boyfriend and he told me to take my Hijab off. When I told him no, he broke up with me. But I will always be proud to be Muslim. Allahu Akbhar. May Allah protect All of you. Ameen

  2. salam alaiki…

    ~ subhanallah…wonderfull blog
    ~ need ukhti pemissiom to use this to share that in one part in social network mine..syukran jazilan
    ~ together in JIHAD…ISLAM the way of our life

  3. nice site, i agree with everything. ***********

    • Salam Rister,

      Thank you for your NICE words 🙂

      You don’t need to be so rude to send your point of you thank you.
      Nobody had disrespected your religion or beliefs.

      Thank you once more

  4. some of this might be true, but despite what the man is protecting, he shouldn’t take any lives doing so.. therefore terroism will always be looked down on and makes your religion look awful. it gives your people a horrible name. taking lives, mostly innocent ones is NEVER EVER EVERRRR okay. no matter what the reason.

    there’s also a difference between Nuns and regular people..

    and muslim women don’t ovbiously don’t have as many rights.

    • Salam Linda,

      Im not sure if you believe that Islam is a religion of terrorism or not.

      But if you’re a human, with a kind, big heart.. try to read about Islam, try to read the Quran. nobody tellls you to change your religion
      but to see that Islam never taught us to kill, it never told us to hate .. it never told us to love ” US” and not ” THEM”

      there is misconceptions about the word jihad and about what is stated in the Quran which makes me really sad how people lack knowledge
      and judge us because of others bad actions. Jihad means the struggle, such as fasting until its time to break, such as charity..etc
      what is stated in the Quran about war is that when others invade your land you should protect it. Is this only found in Islam or found in all religions?
      even in all peoples mind. nobody would love others invading their land, true? yet, it taught us even if there is war, we shouldnt kill women or children,
      we shouldnt cut down trees, we shouldnt torture anyone. can a religion who demands these rules, be a religion of hate and terrorism??

      Terrorism has no religion. there is alot of groups that kill in the name of Christ. but media played a big role in twisting everything around and showing Islam as a this scary religion that everyone hates.

      how come you say muslim women has no rights? is it because the hijab? 🙂 i really respect your words and i would love to learn and understand from others
      and people learn from me too.
      you know that in Islam, women has the right to choose the husband, the are given ‘ mahar ‘ which is money for the bride. if she doesnt want to work she can stay home and go shopping and have fun and her husband has the right to give her everything she wants and gives their children everything until they’re married. a women in islam is like a diamond, a princess.. she sits and her husband earn her a beautiful living as if she’s a queen. there are muslim women who also wear the hijab who are doctors, lawyers, actresses, engineers, artists, photographers, designers, professors, women who invented the only type of medicine for one of the rare brain diseases, even pilots can you imagine 🙂 but you never saw us, you never read about us, you never had this knowledge or background about other people and their religion. how come people believe that Muslim women are kept in a house while her husband holds a gun on her head, thats one of the funniest things i read over the internet. 😀

      maybe afghanistan what you’re talking about right? but this is their culture and traditions. yet in my country there’s alot of women who dont wear hijab. im one of those women who wear a hijab, american university, a graphic designer, i work in advertising and I design clothes. im not oppressed, im not locked in a room, im not ignorant 🙂 i travel, i love, i have friends, i love my family, i respect everyone… im a human.. with emoticons .. with a life.. exactly like you..
      I just love my religion, I love God, I love everyone.. Im seeking for paradise.. for the hereafter.. for our judgement day 🙂 I dont wear a hijab to make you hate me, im not wearing it to go to war and im not wearing it to make media go wild 😛
      its just me..
      a person, a women.. maybe we’re different in religion.. but we’re still human.. we’re here for a reason and we will die someday for a reason.

      I appericiate your words and I respect everything you said. I hope someday you will know .. dont judge a religion by others bad actions 🙂
      thank you and sorry for this looonng response.

      May God protect you Amen.

      • I’ll take on the challenge of the hijab.

        Personally I have no problem with it being worn. I’ll think that dreadful law in France goes too far. Lets not mention that judge in US, Georgia (my home state) who crossed the line by requiring all head covering be removed in his court. The Muslim community fought back and justly so. The judge was censored.

        When I do see someone wearing a hijab or head covering in my area. I come with two thoughts.

        Is the person freely wearing the item, and practicing their faith in free will, or is the person wearing the item to avoid abuse, and practicing someone’s else faith? Faith in fear of another man or woman, is no faith at all IMHO. Regardless of the religion. The same can be said for brain washing.

        For me it all comes down to the exercise of free will, and not the will of another.

      • Salam Mamoru,

        I really shouldn’t give an intrest for what is the reason behind every woman who wears the hijab. It doesn’t include any “thoughts” because there is a reason behind the hijab in Islam, no matter what each one of us think. you must obey your Lord, as he mentioned in Quran that we should guard ourselves. Exactly how he ordered us to pray 5 times a day or fast, etc.

        lets ask ourselves, why do we wear hijab when we pray? and wear modestly? and we finish praying we take it off??

        When we are infront of Allah we must be sooo shyyy because he is the One, he’s our Creator, our Lord! we are nothing.. nothing .. because he is the One, that created man kind.. and this universe..! and when we finish our prayer.. we leave our house and forget our God as if he was only there when we prayed.. as if he sees us only when we pray and forget about us when we finish praying!!!

        Hijab is not only about a head scarf.. its whats inside you, your heart, your good personality, your respect to others, your nice words! This is Islam.. its not just a scarf that we put because Allah ordered us to do, its something inside.. we are doing it for our Lord and nobody but Him. and because we love Allah, we feel peaceful inside. So we should be nice from inside and outside.. we should be Muslims from inside and outside..
        lets not do 1 thing and leave all the rest.. its like a house with only one pole.. and no walls! if we want to build a house we should finish it all and not leave it with no walls right?

        (its not a free will or the will of another… its Allahs order, and its our Quran.. if you believe in both of them.. you will do everything he ordered us to do)

        may Allah protect you Ameen 🙂

  5. and ovbiously universities are not going to allow hijabs. schools (except for special schools, catholic schools etc) are suppose to be non-religious, and wearing a hijab is religious..
    why do we say ” an islam killed him!”? because of the name given by the terrorists.

    and religion cannot solve every of lifes problems, so turning islam won’t.

    and yes, if a child is WAAY TOO dedicated to a religion, he has no life outside of it, so he is hopeless. children should focus on their own hopes and dreams outside of religion. those hopes and dreams that they would create if they weren’t islams.

    • is it only about religion? or human rights?

      each person has the right to practice what he believes. each person has the right to live.
      the hijab is not only about religion but modesty and it does not stop women from getting their education or anything else.

      and who said that in the middle east or the Arab world, all people are Muslims? there are alot of Christians
      and there is no difference between us. we love each other and live in peace and go to school together.

  6. Assalaamu’alaikum wa rohmatullooh wa barokaatuh…

    nice web, ukhti.
    need your permission to share this article.
    may Allooh protect you

    jazaakillaah khoir.

    • Salam Alaykom Ummu,

      ofcourse you can share it my dear sister 🙂
      let the world know the real Islam

      May Allah protect you Ameen

  7. you are right,,
    people should not call Islam the terrorists,Islamic people is nice and peaceful..some people just believe what they see in Media and never think for themselves.

    its a wonderful site 🙂

    salam alaikm.

    • Salam alaykom Jess,

      Thank you for this sweet comment, and may Allah change those people who believe that Islam is a religion of hate and terrorism.
      I hope no one judge us by others bad actions.

      our religion taught us to love one another, to love others peoples faith and religion and to respect every human being no matter what religion, nationality or race he’s from.

      Thank you once again 🙂

  8. Assalamu Alaikum! Mash’allah! Great post! I love this Muslim Anime…is it a real comic anime book? Maybe I can get to read it someday…I will definitely have to share this post on my Islamic blog!

    We as Muslims do need to stay strong! We have so many divisions in Islam which makes it harder to have peace in this world and it’s more harder to unite and show people what Islam really means. Islam is one and not multiple different sects. We aren’t Sunni, Shia, Etc….we are just Muslims!

    Why is Islam considered the “bad” religion, when all religions have some similarities with Islam….it makes no sense. Why are we treated differently….it makes no sense. It’s so sad to think about all these innocent Muslims are being killed…may Allah give the innocent Muslims who have died Jannah! Ameen! May Allah all reward us! May we all live to become better Muslims, insha’allah! 🙂

    • Walaykom Alsalam Yasmeen,

      Thank you once again my sweet sister 🙂
      sure you can post this on your blog, go ahead and share it.. let the world see it 🙂

      I’ll tell you why some people believes that Islam is a world wide religion that everyone hates. Thats because there are some groups out there that kill in the name of Islam, they are causing alot of problems all around the world even in the Arab world. They are even killing innocent Muslims exactly like them!!! In the name of jihad. Is this jihad you think? killing innocent people who are not following your religion? ofcourse not. because our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) never did this.. he never killed people who didnt believe him. Even our religion and our Holy book the Quran never stated this..!! so is this Islam?? should we spread Islam.. or should we kill those who are not following us??

      Thats why there are a number of people who thinks we are the bad guys.. because of others bad actions. Those terrorist groups.. I guess are doing this for political issues, who knows why. But i dont believe that this is Islam, NEVER! Those group are a minority but causing a magority of problems around the world.
      Can you go and bomb innocent people who didnt do anything to you? can your father? mother? if you know Islam the correct way and read Quran clearly you will know that those people are brain washed im not sure with what but they are. Jihad means struggle.. like fasting. The other jihad is when people invade your country and you should protect your land.. but “NOT” killing people in Churches or restaurants and so on.

      May Allah protect you Ameen 🙂

  9. anime watcher Says:

    I just thought I would point that this is not anime. It is more accurate to be called manga. Anime is for animated shows. Manga is for comics and graphic novels. This is closer to a comic than to an aimated tv series

  10. Mohammad Naruto Says:

    Assalamualaikum…… really like this website…i support it… what the pic say really true…..for your imformation…. what really is considered wrong, what is wrong in assuming the correct….But i bellieve ISLAM is the true….ALLAH hu akbar…

  11. Assalamualaikum, thanks for sharing.
    I need your permission to share this post on my blog.
    Insya-Allah, May Allah bless us.^-^

  12. Salem. =)

    I just wanted to say that Islam keeps growing. It will endure. There are a lot of women/men coming to mosques and wanting to convert to Islam…Oh and by the way I LOVE this website and the manga. I really learned something from you.

    May Allah be with you sister of Islam. 🙂

    • Muslimah Says:

      Walykom Al salam 🙂

      Thank you Aliyah, you’re such a sweet person.
      Alhamdulah that you learned something, that makes me really happy 🙂

      may Allah protect you Ameen

  13. khusro mirza Says:

    Now linda,tell me 1 thing,why every one blames only the Muslim religion like you,and what is your religion,i,ll tell you.Christianity never says that kill all the Muslims,it is you who is saying these words,now in your religion there are some thing very 1,killing innocent people you call them terrorist, no 2,closing their every things you call them that Islam is the your religion to rape any one is not a crime having sex with boys and men is not a crime,killing on the religion basis is not a crime,klu klax klan were right in every religion,murders all people and the biggest crime in your country,stop blaming others,first look in your own collar,what the thing are u,in this world every body lives in peace except you americans,look at to Russia,china,germany,france,they are not interested in any shits the way u people do,u said no hijab,so y ur nuns wears hijabs on their heads,they r not allow also,Hijab is Hijab,Orthodox jews were right,they all lives in our hearts,we muslims respect them and they respect us,not your kind of a criminals like your country,mafia,s and others criminals are on the top,so first stop any crime in your country and then after that go for and say that look at us no crimes in our country, LONG LIVE ORTHODOX AND MUSLIMS.

  14. khusro mirza Says:

    OK hijabs,in the churches all nuns wear hijabs,it should be stop,if any Muslims wear hijabs then why not any nuns should be stop to wear hijabs,first they stop wearing hijabs then we will think about it,and why are you blaming us,blame your self that y did we all americans were born,we should,nt born.on nuns heads no hijab then on Muslims heads it depend on Muslims weather they wear hijabs or not.

  15. I so wanted to follow this blog but I couldn’t find the option. Love this post. You speak my mind!

    • Muslimah Says:

      Salam alaykom

      Thanx for your comment but Im been busy lately and I didnt post anything from a long time a ago but I will soon inshalla


  16. anime lover Says:

    I agree

  17. great!!!such a good comic….

  18. Farasyaturrazk Says:

    wow,.. sugoi desu,…!

    “love it.” :DDD

  19. the good doer Says:

    hello there do want to know more about this issues then watch

    womens right in islam subjugated or protected by dr zaki naik(you can type this into youtube or google and find the video)

    you can easily find all of your answers:

    thank you

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