Small insects eating the Quran?

Subhan Allah!This Quran was found in an old school and as we know there are small insects that cannot be seen by the eye that come out from dust.  These insects are known for eating everything and this pictures shows how they ate the Quran, “BUT” only the edges and not the surahs! Even these insects understand the words of ALLAH !



4 Responses to “Small insects eating the Quran?”

  1. k.evans Says:

    I think you’ll find that paper is of nutritious value to small insects, made of organic material and starch based binding pastes.

    once they reach ink, it tastes like poison to them, often made up of chemicals and toxic material. They will then stop and work along the border of the paper and ink.

    It’s no miracle,!

  2. Nutritious? Produce your proof where it says that 🙂

  3. islam4life Says:

    please stop acting clever even small insects eat ink its scientifically proven
    and this is just ONE of the million miracles of the creator ALLAH

    so stop making excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its a miracle of ALLAH

    • ya allah.... Says:

      ya allah………..nonmuslims have nothing to prove christ is the god …
      we have a lot to prove ALLAH ta’la is the only one god of all the worlds….
      ignorant people would denay the only one true religion ISLAM..
      but soon they will correct there mistakes…ALLAH will show them one day …they will regret for this comment soon…….
      ya allahhhhhhhhh

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