12 reasons to NOT waste your life!

We all feel bad “wasting” time. We realize time spent on trivial things or watching movies makes us lazy and unproductive . However, many of us fail to visualize the long-term consequences of killing time on futile matters, both in this world and the world that awaits us.

 The following words of wisdom will help us appreciate how the most productive and influential leaders and scholars of Islam valued time.

Time can’t return. Whatever time passes by will not return and cannot be replaced.
Imam Ibn al-Jawzi used to say, “The breaths of man are his steps to death!”. Moreover, Imam Ash-Shafiee would say, “Time is like a Sword. Cut it (wisely), before it cuts you!” Therefore, kill your time productively, before it kills you!

Boxes are sealed. A teacher used the following analogy of boxes: Each hour is like a box that is sealed and placed in a shelf. On the Day of Judgement, these boxes (24 boxes/per day) will be opened and their contents will be displayed to us.
If we filled each hour of our day in life with good deeds, we will rejoice. If we filled these hours with useless amusements and sins, we will regret to see the contents of the boxes on that Day. How we fill them these 24 boxes every day is our choice. Only we have control over it. Once they are sealed as the day ends, only Allah has the keys to unlock them on the Day of Judgment.
The most priceless possession of man: life itself. An Imam used to remind his students, “Time is not just money. It is more expensive than gold, diamonds and pearls. Time is life itself!”Hassan al Basri: “O son of Adam! You are but a bundle of days. As each day passes away, a portion of you vanishes away.” Can we afford to lose a portion of our body or soul everyday to hellfire through wastage of time on useless and un-Islamic things?

Accountability of youth and life. We will be asked about our youth and life on the Day of Judgment, both of which are related to time.

Disrespect to Time.
Productive Muslims of the past would consider it disrespect to time, if they spent a day without doing any thing beneficial to their community or to themselves. One of them would say, “I do not regret anything as much as I regret a day in which my good actions have not increased.”

Procrastination and Laziness are dangerous! We are not sure whether we will live until tomorrow to be able to do something good. Even if we live till tomorrow, are we certain that there won’t be any obstacles in carrying out that action. Why putt off something good to an abyss of uncertainty? If we procrastinate and waste time today, what will motivate us to spend time productively tomorrow?

Lose time, Lose peace.  Some pious scholars used to say that those people who kill their time in unproductive ways would lose peace and serenity from their hearts. They would be so overwhelmed with work deadlines and harmful amusements of this life that they would rarely have time to spend with their family, in remembering Allah, and on causes that matter- the real source of tranquility or sakina in life.

Ungratefulness to Allah’s gift. Leisure and spare time are blessings from Allah which we grossly undervalue today. As the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, reminded us, “Good health and spare time are two of the blessings of Allah with respect to which many people are deceived.” (Al-Bukhari)

Ready for tomorrow? Let’s remember the old Muslim adage, “Work for your world as if you are going to live forever and work for your hereafter as if you are going to die tomorrow.”

Productivity shouldn’t die with our deathWe should not miss any opportunity to do a good deed even if the world is ending. We are asked to be productive and optimistic even in times of crisis and chaos.

Prophet Muhammad said, “If the day of judgement is about to happen and one of you has a seedling in his hands, he should go ahead and plant that before he is overwhelmed by the day.” (Hadith)

Return Allah’s Trust. Time is a trust from Allah, it is our responsibility to use it in the most effective way pleasing to Allah. We all know how difficult and embarrassing it is to face someone, for instance our parent or teacher, after we break their trust by disobeying their instructions. How would we face Allah if we break His trust? 

Being Productive is Sunnah (Prophetic tradition). As the Prophet advised us, Every day, for every joint in the body a person should perform a charity; reconciling between two brothers is charity; helping somebody lift his baggage is charity; every step you take towards Salaah is charity; and every time you remove something harmful from the way is charity. (Bukhari and Muslim). This is how the Prophet, peace be upon him, encouraged us to fill our time with such productive acts.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, warned us, “Man shall not be let go or discharged on the Day of Judgement until he has been questioned about FOUR things:

1- with regard to his Life: how did he spend it?
2- with regard to his Youth: in what ways did he expend it?
3- with regard to his Wealth: where did he earn it from and what did he spend it on?
4- with regard to his Knowledge: what use did he put it to?”(Al-Bazzar and At-Tabarani) 


5 Responses to “12 reasons to NOT waste your life!”

  1. k.evans Says:

    Does the wholesale slaughter of other Muslims (sunni’s and shia’s) and other religious groups (Muslims and Jews) also form part of a ‘good deed to the community”? Surely time spent killing other people is both a waste of time and against much core religious guidance?

    Why is it that the so called religion of peace where it is practised has some of the highest homicide rates amongst any societies on earth, religious or not?

    If both parties are killing for the better of their communities and in the name of a God, which one is right and has the backing of Allah?

    It is a universal truth that both sides cannot be correct in their belief!

    Almost all of the equipment used in the destruction of life and property is a result of the enlightenment of western Europe, discoveries made that flew in the face of religious teaching and almost always conducted in secret. Without the succession of discoveries about our planet and the universe and how it works made in defiance of religion are the same discoveries that contribute towards the destruction of the middle east and surrounding countries. Why would a God allow certain individuals to both appear to circumvent his teachings and then spread that around the world at the expense of those teachings?

    The most priceless possession to man is life, yet to many Islamic individuals it appears cheap and something that can be snuffed out in the name of the very religion that preaches its uniqueness and sacredness. The words and the actions do not add up and the and I cannot respect nor trust such a situation.

  2. Muslimah Says:

    hello my friend, sorry for replying so late,

    first of all, the conflicts between sunna and shia’a is part of life, what i mean is that part of judgment day signs when people from the same religion kill each other. exactly like natural disasters, spread of alchohol, technology, etc. You can read about the judgement day small signs.

    If any person or a group makes a mistake it doesnt mean that all the people from the same religion, race or nationality are the same! right?

    If a Chrisitan or a Jew kills Muslims like whats happening in Palestine everyday children and women are killed by Jews. Does that mean all the Jewish community are killers??

    conflicts happen between everyone, exactly how white Americans hate black Americans, yet both of them are Americans. we still can’t say “they’re not Americans”. Theres alot of examples of groups killing each other not only in Islam. Those Muslim people are called “sinners” in Islam. Part of our religion is not to hurt others, even if these people believes in another religion. We respect everyone. However, those small number of people you’re talking about, are a minority in the world.

    give yourself a chance to read and educated yourself. read about Islam rather than watching media and how its is shown how sunna and shi’a are killing each other because everyone can give bad thoughts to their own religion by doing the wrong stuff.

    Yet, the word “ISLAM” means peace in arabic. and if you read about the Islamic religion, you will find alot of love and peace. But still not everyone in a group can be good. theres the good and bad!

    Thank you for visiting our blog, we hope to see you again and i hope that my comment showed you that life is full of conflicts but still there are the good people.

  3. Salam Alaikum everyone!
    This topic is deep and I have to say that Muslimah made a good reply to your comment on the 12 reasons not to waste your livingtime. What mr Evans is requesting is a universal truth for sense and solution for human war nature. Allah swt knows that love will prevail over hate and ultimately it comes down to what a man chooses to fight for and naturally sacrifice his body for, if his intention is protecting Allahs creed or if his intention is conquering/politicalpower/greed all following the moneygod that results in the Devil works as their guide, ultimately the intention is 0 and 1 cause the Devil wont speak for his servants, but Allah will speak for his believers when He delivers thejustice between the men when DOOMSDAY arrives.
    Peace,will be won when the struggle intends to win love!
    Choose truth as your authority,Never let authority be your truth.
    Allah created Truth, Man created the opposite Lie!
    Faith,Peace,Love,Knowledge and Understanding!

    Thank you for a informativ site Muslimah, and may Allah reward you for your deep understanding of islam and your kind remindings!

  4. Note:
    “The Moneygod” is an selfworking system invented by humans for humans. These individuals are being guided by the Devil and Iblis is still their bestfriend on earth!

  5. Muslimah Says:

    Thank you Ragip for reading this post and giving a nice comment.

    May Allah guide you to the right path and May Allah reward you for understanding Islam! Ameen

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