Your ticket has been confirmed.

Ticket type : One Way
Price : Absolutely free (Booking confirmed)

Passenger Details

Name : One of the ‘children of Adam’
Origins : From clay
Address : Planet earth

Conditions of Travel:

Departure : from life on earth
Destination : eternal life
Stop-over : hotel (2 meters under the ground, for one person)
Duration of flight : from couple of seconds to several millions of years
Departure time : Time of death (exact time is unknown, but it can happen
earlier than expected)
Arrival time : On the Judgment Day (not specified in the timetable)

Information about Interrogation:

On the arrival to the hotel (grave): incorruptible
Auditors – two angels: Munkar & Nakir, will immediately start questioning.
Three questions will be asked:

1)Who is your God?

2)Who is your prophet?

3)What is your religion?

Questions will follow about your life on earth. For more information,
refer to 27th Aya of Sura ‘Ibrahim’ of the Holy Quran.

Despite the fact that the airplane transfers only one passenger at a
time, there are some restrictions on the amount of baggage that you can
take with you:

1) You can take with you 5 meters of white cloth

2) Any items of material life of earth are strictly forbidden.

3) Realistic luggage should consist of good deeds, modest behavior and
of well spent time on calling people to Islam.

Important instructions:
All the passengers should remember that tickets are not exchangeable or

This journey is compulsory for representatives of all races,
nationalities, religions and of all ages.

Delays are not stipulated.

Angel of Death will not compromise on changing the date and time of

For more information:

Read instructions, which you can find in The Holy Quran and Sunnah. You
could also consult alims(scholars) . Please do it as soon as possible.

During your journey you will not be provided with oxygen mask, as your
breathing system will be terminated just before the departure time.

Additional instructions:
You don’t need to take care of your boarding pass, passport and other
travel documents. To prepare for the flight:

– Pray 5 times a day

– Read the Holy Quran

– Follow the sunna to the best of your ability

– and be ready for your flight, as you may have to depart any minute
(even now)

Final warning:
Final destination depend on you! Please do not waste your time on planet
Remember, you have one-way ticket: Either to Hell or to Paradise .
JANNAT OR JAHANNAM…. ……… ……… …….!



6 Responses to “Your ticket has been confirmed.”

  1. Wow! That’s it? Can you answer me a question, please. What is the guarantee? What if, just seconds before the moment of your departure for ‘Paradise’ , you committed the worst sin of your life. What if Allah, is not in a very good mood that day? What if you haven’t really done enough good deeds? How much is enough, to do? I mean it must produce a lot of paranoia always worrying about if you did enough and what could anyone possibly say to a Holy God that would be enough to justify a life full of sin. Do you really think that doing a few good deeds will be enough? I mean there is no guarantee. Well, I guess you will find out – I wish you all the best.

  2. Firstly, Just a simple question please, are you Muslim?

    I want to say, that Allah is most mericeful, most forgiving. He loves his creation and we have to strive to please Allah. You cannot say Allah (wasnt in a good mood) because its considered haram (forbidden).

    You should do your best to enter paradise, you shouldnt always worry if you didnt do enough because Allah knows best.

    And may Allah grant us Paradise Ameen!

  3. Thank you for your courteous response, it is appreciated and shows that you have integrity. That is hard to find these days especially in most of the Islamic World – no offence meant, people are people no matter what they believe.

    In answer of your question: No I am not Muslim neither do I count myself religious because of my distain for religion. I am saved according to the Word of Christ Jesus and by His sacrifice for me on Calvary. My ticket is already paid in full by that: there is nothing I can do for it; there is nothing I cannot do for it because I am not saved by good deeds but saved unto good deeds. It is a gift from God which can never be taken away no matter what I do or don’t do. So according to the Gospel – when I die, I will stand before almighty God to be judged but the difference is, not judged according to my works but according to grace, even though I dont deserve heaven – the only reason for being there is because of what Christ did for me on Calvary – He already took all the punishment for my sin on my behalf – paid in full. So all my sin is covered and the judgment is only for your reward according to what you have done for Christ, not what you did to be a good person that means nothing.

    There is a show on TV on the weekends sometimes that I watch occassionaly – It is a round table discussion done without hatred between a Muslim, a Christian, a Judaic Rabbi and I think as well an athiest. It is interesting to listen to, although nothing is ever really solved. And since Iam motivated by my God given personality, I have always found great joy in discussion – especially with a person who has the intellect to do so. I ventured by chance to your blog and was impressed with the originality of it – a talented layout.

    Even though I dont share your beliefs – I am just curious as to why you believe what you believe and why I believe what I believe.

    I can remember a quote by Ghandi when he was asked a question: Why didn’t you ever become a Christian? Ghandi: ‘Because of Christians’ and that really hit me and I suppose a lot of times some bad apples express their truth with such malice and dont’ represent well.

    That is wrong: whether it be a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh , I think that a person would be very inclined if he/she can see no value in it. True!

    Thank you again for your kind reply,

  4. Salam alykom,

    Thank you a lot for commenting in our blog, we respect all comments. We appreciate everything you said about this blog. Its nice to know that there’s someone who still cares about finding out about other religions and the truth.

    Firstly, each person has a brain to think with and Allah gave us this brain to use it correctly, to gain knowledge and find the truth. If we carried on with our life just believing whats being said about religions (especially Islam) on media, we will never understand the truth. Before seeing anything on the news, tv shows, reading newspaper or even hearing stuff about Islam from people… try to read the Quran, all the answers are found there. The Quran was sent from Allah, parts was send to earth and then was collected in one book… just one version. Not like the bible, that has different versions because it was written by man. And so Islam is based on facts that till this day was never proven wrong.

    Islam is a beautiful religion, which means “peace” in the Arabic language. All the things you see on tv like terrorism and other stuff that’s making Islam look really bad is wrong. Those people who kill in the name of Islam are a minority between billions of Muslims around the world. Each religion has people who are good and bad. Right? There’s a lot of Muslims that don’t practice Islam and they are Muslims by the name only! But Islam is way more peaceful that what you see and hear.

    According to Islam, Jesus is a prophet, even Moses, Mohammed and others (Peace be upon them). We love Jesus because in Islam he’s known as a prophet that was chosen by Allah to spread Islam exactly like the other prophets. Jesus was never a Christian and he wasn’t Crucified too. I can’t say the whole story of prophet Jesus from the beginning because its too long so I will give you parts from the Quran that talks about the story of Jesus (Peace be upon him).

    “When the angels said: ‘O Mary! Allah gives you glad tidings of a word from him, his name is the Messiah Jesus, the son of Mary held in honor in this world and in the hereafter, and of those nearest to Allah. He shall speak to the people when in the cradle and in manhood, and he shall be from the righteous. ‘She said: My Lord! How can I have a son when no man has touched me?’ He said: ‘Even so, Allah creates what he pleases. When he decrees a matter, He says to it: Be—and it is. And he will teach him the book and the wisdom and the Torah and the Gospel.” (Qura’an: Al-Imran: 3: 42-44)

    As you can see even the book of Torah and Gospel are found in the Quran. Allah knows best.

    Another part is when Prophet Jesus was born:

    “’O Mary! Truly, a strange thing you have brought! O sister of Aaron! Your father was not a man of evil, nor your mother a woman unchaste.’ But she pointed to the baby, they said: ‘How shall we speak to one who is a child in the cradle?’ He said: ‘I am indeed a slave of Allah: He has given me the Book and made me a Prophet. And He has made me blessed wherever I may be and He has enjoined upon me prayers and to pay the alms, as long as I live and (He has made me) kind to my mother and He has not made me insolent unblessed and peace be upon me. The day I was born and the day I die and on the day I shall be raised to life” (Qura’an: Maryam: 19: 27-33)

    The first thing that prophet Jesus said is that (hes the slave of Allah). That means he spoke of himself being a slave to Allah rather than being a son and partner in divinity. This refutes the claim of Christians that he and his mother were divine. Actually he was chosen to be a prophet to spread ‘dawa’ .. which is spreading truth about Islam.

    After that Allah has mentioned the story of the birth of Jesus, He told us in the Holy Quran that its being the only true story and refuted the unjust slandering of Jews and misled belief of Christians about him and his mother. And said :

    “Such is Jesus son of Mary, this is a statement of Truth about which they dispute. It is not befitting to (the majesty of) Allah that he should beget a son. Glory be to him!” ( Quran, An-Nisa: 19: 34-35)

    Another part in the Quran:

    “This is what we recite to you of the verses and the wise reminder (the Quran). Indeed the similitude of Jesus, in Allah’s sight, is as that of Adam, Allah created him from the dust, then said to him ‘ Be—and he was.’ This is the truth from your Lord, so do not be of those who doubt.“ (Qura’an: Al-Imran:3: 58-63)

    “This is the true story, and there is no God (worthy of worship) but Allah, and Allah indeed is the All-mighty, the All-Wise. But if they turn away, then indeed Allah is All-knowing of the corrupt” (Al-Imran 3: 58-63).
    So after All these verses, knowing that this is the true story, Allah still knows that there are people who wont believe it and so he knows about the corrupt.

    I’m just giving you some of our beliefs and am not trying to change anyone’s thinking. Each of us have brains as I said and if we seek to find the truth, we will actually know what we’r looking for the whole time. By just looking at this planet and all the things it has.. can’t we imagine the ability of Allah to create such things? It wasn’t a human that did all that, or the son of God because Allah doesn’t have a son. He’s one God and that’s it! Jesus is a human, like us and is not able to erase your sins, but what’s different is that he’s a prophet!

    I’m so sorry for this long comment or if i disrespected your religion in any point. but if I keep on going on talking ill never finish. Find the truth because its out there for you.. Don’t just follow your parents , friends or anyone you meet in life.. but follow the truth by finding it, teaching yourself and gaining knowledge. No one will understand Islam only those who will read and strive to know what it’s actually about. Theres a lot of Muslims that read the bibles to gain knowledge too but at the end… its your brain and heart!

    Thank you a lot for your reply and may Allah guide you to the right path. No matter what’s your religion..we respect you and respect your religion!

  5. Muslimah…great so proud of you really :)..Allah Cherish you 🙂

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