The creators of this site are two Muslims, a male and a female who had different lives but with same level of darkness. We both faced many challenges and Allah never came to our minds. Allah had saved us and led us now to the right path. We thank Allah and praise him for having mercy on us. We will never repeat our mistakes and we are servants of Allah. Allah could had taken our lives when we were lost and confused but he did not. Now we spend everyday thanking Allah with our daily prayers.


Islam my religion preaches good deeds,

 mercy and kindness to the right path it leads.

Upon all humanity,

God showers his grace

regardless of colour, nationality or race!

Through working together

 our hopes increase

to live in a world full of love and peace!

 I am a muslim and God i praise, for all his blessings…

My voice i RAISE!



2 Responses to “About”

  1. bo shmais Says:

    Bism Illah al Ra7man al Ra7eem…I was really happy when I saw this website…Because it came from ur hearts, and I could feel it…I really hope you would continue this great work, and face the people in the dark to the right path, the path of the anbiya2 and 9a7aba. Thank you and god bless you.

  2. Have a nice day !

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