How to become a Muslim

You need to believe that there is One God and Prophet Mohammed is his last Messenger. You need to believe in all of the prophets and the message that they brought which was monotheism. Belief in the angels and the last day. You need to believe that Prophet Jesus was not the son of God but a Prophet. In addition, you need to believe that Prophet Jesus will return back to Earth. You have to believe in the Bible, the Torah, (the first that came out, not these books we see these days) and the Quran. You need to have faith that the Quran is the final book for all mankind and it is the word of God. After you meet all of this criteria then you need to say the testimonal of faith to become a Muslim.

Do you want to become a Muslim?

Say with all your heart the following words:

La ilaha illa Allah
wa-Muhammad rasul Allah.

There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Prophet of God.

Welcome to Islam


3 Responses to “How to become a Muslim”

  1. Bravo! SubhanAllah. Salaam..

  2. Salam alaikum akhi,

    great work. Nice blog. Subhana` Allah.
    I was looking for some pictures for a lecture in university about Islam. I really like the “shahada” picture. Is there the possibility to download it anywhere in a higher resolution? Would be nice if you could send me an Email. Thanx a lot and Barakallahu Feek


    • walaykom Alsalam

      Thank you for the beautiful words, I actually dont have a bigger resolution for these pictures im sorry 😦
      I would be pleased to send them all, but they’re small images really!

      Im so sorry once more.
      May Allah help you Ameen.

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