Who is Prophet Mohammed (SAW)?

In the Name of Allah, the Most-Merciful, the Most-Gracious and Peace be upon Allah’s Messenger

In Islam, Prophet Mohammed (SWAS) is the Messenger of God. He was the last messenger from God, (before him there was a large number of Prophets such as, Moses, Jesus and Noah etc). Angel Gabriel was sent to Prophet Mohammed and he received divine revelation from the Almighty Allah . He was chosen by God to spread this message throughout all earth, unrestricted by time, place, race or color claiming that his message is the last between Heaven and earth and that he is the last of Allah’s Messengers and Prophets.

Is Prophet Mohammed the man that people claim that he was a terrorist? someone who married 12 woman for no reason? a military man who kill innocent people and enemies?

If people actually had the time to go read about this man, the husband, the friend and the human being, “Prophet Mohammed”; they will correct their misconseptions. Mohammed (SAW) was the best man that ever lived on planet Earth. 

Many people have a wrong idea of who Prophet Mohammed is and disrespectfully draw him, make fun of him or even talking badly about a person they never  read about . No matter what religion you are, you should respect anybody and everbody despite differences that you may have. Study him from proper good Muslims instead of the people that make up stories about this beautiful person who loved humanity, equality and justice. I would advise you to restrict bad language about the prophet and say peace instead.

For more information;
Prophet Mohammed the man of ;
Right and Justice
Good morals
Science and civilization
Cleanness and eviromental care
Elegance and beauty
Tender hearted companion
and much more.

Visit one of the best websites about Prophet Mohmmed that provides you with different languages. Learn, gain knowledge and dont let others or the society uses your mind.

This website contains all the information about Prophet Mohammed. His biography, stories, his miraceles, etc.



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