Got a question about Islam?

There are many people around the world who does’nt have a clue what being a Muslim really means. People need to research credible information and try to gain knowledge about Islam rather than asking ordinary Muslim or non-Muslim people. This can help clear your misconceptions.  There are some Christians who believe that we worship another God or some people believe we are idol worshippers because we face the holy place of Ka’ba. Another famous statement is that Muslims are terrorists. Or the most funniest question is ” do you sleep with your scarf on”?These are few examples of how people lack knowledge of the basic facts of Islam. why keep on spreading the wrong information about Islam, when you can actually know the truth just by reading the proper information from credible resources (websites or books).


3 Responses to “Got a question about Islam?”

  1. I had a history professor, non-Muslim, who stated to the class that it drove him up the wall that so many of his students had a negative opinion of Islam and yet did not even have the most basic knowledge of Islam.

    • Muslimah Says:

      Thats really sad to know. I hope everyone could read about Islam, like how a large number of Muslims also read about Christianity or any other religion.
      Its knowledge! people shouldnt believe everything on media, they should read so there won’t be any misconceptions.

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