Gaza Bleeds; the World Shudders

The beginning of 2009, a new attack had started once again on .. GAZA.. Palestine..!! Another Holocoast is starting, a NEW GENOCIDE!!! Why all this?? is it a war against religions? or is it politics that we don’t understand?

If it was religion, then neither Musa (Moses), Essa’a (Jesus) and Mohammed agree with all this hate. Then which religion does agree? Where is the humanity?
Where is the salam? the peace!!! Did we forget that we are humans? Why all this? People’s hearts died… or are we the ones who died??


wake up .. WAKE UP.


Here is a wave of protests that erupted across the world  against the attacks on Gaza. Millions of demonstrators have marched in cities across Europe, Asia, Middle East & America to demand a halt to Israeli bombing in the Gaza Strip.

All people are one hand to stop all this death.  
lets wake up, and understand thats not life . .


Times Square – NEW YORK
Atlanta – U.S.A
D.C. – U.S.A

Florida – U.S.A 

Boston – U.S.A


Hundreds of protesters came to Dealey Plaza to pray and to protest the recent attacks in Gaza. The event was organized by the Muslim Legal Fund of America. 

London- Britain

Muslims pray for Gaza along Embankment in London



Amsterdam – Holland

Pic:The U.N is a joke

Translation: Israel is repeating the Holocaust with support from the Netherlands”.


A man and woman hold blood-smeared dolls during an anti-Israel demonstration in Amsterdam 

In the cold weather Muslims reflected in pool of rainwater as they prayed in Freedom Square, Valletta, before the peaceful protest against Israeli attacks







ROME – Italy


MILAN- Italy

Muslims all kneel down in prayer in front of Milan’s gothic cathedral as they protest Israel.

Paris – France


More than 20,000 protesters against Israel attacks on Gaza.


Taipei – Taiwan
Israel TOO!!

Israeli Arabs wave Palestinian flags as they join a demonstration of tens of thousands of Israeli Arabs protesting against Israel’s military operation in Gaza in Northern Israel.




Also, Israeli Arabs held a protest march, Kuwaitis also took to the streets, a day after bigger Middle East rallies, and peaceful pro- and anti-Israel protests were held in New York.

Even with all these protests from all around the globe, the war is still going on! No one is listening to the suffering of these people.. to their pain.. to their screams! Until this MOMENT, as you are reading .. hundreds are getting killed.



Check the other countries that protested against the attack on Palestine: Jordan, Brazil, Ireland, Indonesia, Sudan, Denmark, Switerland, Nicaragua, India, Iran, Kenya, Libya, Venzuala, Argentina, Philippine, Russia, Nairobi, Pakistan, Japan!  
Lets be ONE hand, to stop this!
May ALLAH bring peace to the world





5 Responses to “Gaza Bleeds; the World Shudders”

  1. Israel was a mistake. Just because it it the holy land of the biblical days, does not give anyone the right to push out the native peoples who lived there. Israel has lost my respect in its violent actions towards Palestine and the surrounding Arab nations, and so has the United Kingdom for starting all this. Israel has been gone for too long to suddenly come back again. When you are gone from your land for centuries, and others move in, it becomes their land, not yours. Both could be considered terrorists, i for one stand against many of Palestine’s actions, but Israel’s actions of terror are greater.


    I am a Lebanese Christian living in America, my family left when the all the violence started.

  2. Alexwebmaster Says:

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  3. Muslimah Says:

    Sure, you can link the website!

  4. BarisTURKEY Says:


    BOYCOTT israel

    ARE THEY HUMAN ??? NO!!!

    • salam alykom Baris

      I needed to edit you comment abit 🙂
      our religion teaches us to have a kind heart .. and pray for better days Ameen.

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