Crystal Mosque in Terengganu (Malaysia)

This is one of the beautiful mosques in the world. A crystal mosque found in the traditional park in Terengganu city (malaysia). It was ordered to be built by Sultan Terengganu Meezan Zain Al-Abedeen and so it was opened recently on February 8th 2008. (BEAUTIFUL MASHALLAH).


9 Responses to “Crystal Mosque in Terengganu (Malaysia)”

  1. Assalamualaikum

    Awesome MashaAllah

  2. i’ve been there..subhanaalloh..

  3. It is really amazing! we should construct new mosques as much as possible, because they are the best places on earth.

  4. Mohammed Azhar Says:

    Asalam walikum,

    The first word comes to the mind is ‘Subhanallah’, may Allah give us opportunity to build more & more beautiful houses (Masjid’s) like this all around the world. Ameen.

  5. Malaysia has many beautiful mosques. One of the most beautiful ones is of course the Crystal Mosque in Kuala Terengganu however others have their own specialities and beauty in so many ways….check out my blog to see more mosque pictures. BTW nice pictures you have here.


  7. Sara Muhammad Says:

    yarb give us the chance to visit it .. wonderful topics dear

  8. salam-alaikum can you send these pics at my e-mail thank you because these pics are very beutiful and i would like them on my e-mail
    thank you very much allahafiz.

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