Creative Islam style


“StyleIslam® wants to show the true side of our faith, because we love peace.”

These creative shirts were made by a Muslim guy that lives abroad. It said that he designed them as a reply to the “Islamaphobia” thoughts! All i can say, is Mashallah and thank you for spreading this creativity around the world.

For more collections, visit the site:


3 Responses to “Creative Islam style”

  1. salam aleicum !!
    mashallah nice website !!
    How as it is made to have a T-shirt i love my prophet SAW !!
    tplz answer me !!
    salam aleicum !!

  2. Thank you for your words 🙂

    you can check their website, all the prices are there

    here :

  3. jaza2akomo laha khayraa 🙂

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