Goodbye Ramadan..and “hello” shaytan..


Salam Alaykom brothers and sisters, all around the world,

With sadness.. we say goodbye to the beloved month of Ramadan…

It leaves us with tears in our eyes, a wound within our hearts, a goodbye that gives us pain.. Ours hopes.. and dreams.. is to live this holy month once again next year..

Goodbye Ramadan.. from a pure, tender heart..a heart of a Muslim girl, beating rapidly knowing that you passed away so quickly… leaving her with loneliness surrounding her..! She was sad to hear..

“Ramadan will end on Monday the 29th and Muslims will start Eid al-fitr inshallah on Tuesday the 30th!”Goodbye Ramadan.. goodbye to this month, the month of worship and prayer, the month were our hearts is filled with peace!

Will we ever live to see you once again Ramadan?? Will we have the chance to fast, to give charity, to make dua’a and to go to o’mra while you are here Ramadan?? How hard is it for us to leave you..

Saying goodbye to you really breaks my heart.. and I’m sure it breaks all Muslims hearts to know that you are leaving them..

..waiting for you Ramadan.. If Allah wills.. all Muslims will welcome you again someday.. don’t be late.. we hope that days will pass as quickly as you passed to meet you once again..

.. goodbye .. with our hands reaching up high to Allah, thanking him for this month.. and praying for him to move shaytan away from us..

And may Allah accept our prayers and dua’a Ameen!


 Goodbye Ramadan..  from Muslimah!



3 Responses to “Goodbye Ramadan..and “hello” shaytan..”

  1. My name is tamara brown-Bey my father is muslim and im a muslimah and I love where I from

  2. A beautiful site.
    I wish I knew about this site before.
    Everything that’s said about Hijab and many other beautiful things make me realize that I have to advise the same to as many girls and guys as possible and most importantly I myself must follow them.

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