My Shade..

You wonder what my shade is,
What it represents.
Call me anything;
An extremist, a fundamentalist,
Anything you desire.
I don’t care.

My shade is
My protection
from this evil world,
from roaming eyes,
from diseased hearts.
Call me anything;
Vain or Submissive.
I don’t care.

My shade is
My Protection
of my beauty,
reserved for one
special gift
that God has given me;
My Life Partner.

This world
is but a fleeting moment
about to end
at Any Time.
The Signs are here.
The Day of Judgement is coming.
No one will enter my grave with me except
My body, my heart, my soul.

Call me a pessimist,
I don’t care.

My shade
Covers me
Like a tree from the sun;
Like a coat of wax
on your shiny new sportscar.

My shade
My protection,
is my Hijab,

I am a woman of Islaam.. and Proud!


14 Responses to “My Shade..”

  1. wondeful words>>>please I liked the words written by muslimah ..can I use it and make a vedio that I can post on youtube?? I promise that i will r write the name of the words writer and i will refer 2 your website

    I wait 4 your relpy


  2. salam Alaykom

    Ofcourse you can use it.. its all yours! 🙂

    this post is sent to the Muslim sisters around the world to be proud of their religion and their hijab!

    We should spread knowledge for those who doesn’t understand the meaning of hijab! Its our tool that protects us from evil in this life and it will never stop us from being educated!

    and.. May Allah protect you!

  3. Masha Allah this is the most beautiful poem i have ever seen i loved it soo much that i had to post it on my YT i hope u dont mind jazakallah kheer sis 4da dis special and truethful poem 🙂

  4. its ok my sister, its all yours 🙂
    and may Allah protect you from all the evil in life

  5. Mashallah,

    I am truly proud that many muslim sisters are not afraid to express their selves on how they truly feel towards the hijab. Especially now adays in the western society, people are very judgemental if they see a muslim women wearing the hijab. May allah bless all the muslim sisters (and brothers) in the world! JazakAllah.

  6. Zaheer M K Says:

    Masha Allah!

    I just love the way you have expressed and penned down the lines. That bold ‘I don’t care’ attitude. Excellent!

    Keep it up!

    May the Almighty bless us all (the entire mankind, of course, as he likes) here and in the hereafter.

    And do put down if you have more of similar ones.

  7. mubashra Says:

    mashallah so Beatiful it brings tears to my eyes, may Allah bless you and guide us all. khuda ha fiz

  8. masha’Allah. this is poem is soo beautiful that i couldn’t help but put on my fb as my status. 🙂 jazaka”Allah khair sister

  9. as salaam alaykum, dear sister in islam
    beutiful! a had a tearfull, heartbeating moment
    reading this. shukran…..may Allah reward u. insha Allah

  10. As salaam alaykum , dear sister I wont to get an advice from you since you are awareness that on CNN website the broadcast an news which is ( 11 September is Quran Burn day ) what should we do against of this please advice ….. ?

    • Wa’laykom al salam warahmtou Allahu wabarakatohu

      Yes I heard about this awful news and it really broke my heart. All we can do is pray to Allah in this beautiful days of Ramadan to help us
      and to stop those who are looking for hate.

      I will soon post about this news.
      However, all Muslims should stand with one another and try to post something against this day throughout the web
      and to pray to Allah.

      May Allah accept our prayers and help us through this Ameen.

  11. hodan hashi Says:

    As salaam alaykum , sis mash’allah
    i want know can cited your blogger so i put facebook so our brothers and sisters can see it . thank you

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