A very nice ad about Hijab


18 Responses to “A very nice ad about Hijab”

  1. this is the best picture to show and prove what is diferrence in the way of wearing clothes

  2. dis image is a example to why islam says where hijab.masha allah

  3. mashallah its a very nice explanation 4 those who needs a proof that y v should cover our self

  4. gogogandago!! Says:

    dear Muslimah..

    it has been 1 year already since the first time i found this blog,
    and until now..i visit it regularly :p

    i just have known that wordpress now has an application where we can reblog someone’s post..so, i want to ask ur opinion..is it ok if someday i reblog one of your great posts in my blog??

    actually i have wordpress blog too, but until now i still write in my indonesian Language ^_^

    wish to hear from u soon

    baarakallahu fiiki 🙂

    • Muslimah Says:

      salaaaaaaaaam 🙂

      How are you 🙂 im so happy to hear from you again!
      I know its been 1 year already but i still remember you 🙂
      how is your life? I hope everything is going great with you my dear friend

      ofcourse you can reblog my posts 🙂 i will be glad.
      you remember when I tell you, we might be far away from each other, and each one of us is in a different country
      but Islam unites us 🙂

      I don’t think I would say “no”to my beautiful sisters out there 🙂

      May Allah grant you janna Ameen

      • gogogandago!! Says:

        alhamdulillaah, bikhoir..

        i’m soo fine here..still finishing my school..now i’m on my third year..sigh, still 3 years ahead.. 😛

        and u know, now i’m learning arabic too..^___^v

        oowww…that’s so nice..u still remember me *blushing 😀
        same pray for u, may Allah let us meet someday, if not here in d world, hope we will meet later in jannah 🙂

        ok then, thank u so much 🙂 🙂

      • Muslimah Says:

        alhamdilah 🙂

        May Allah helps you through these 3 years of school 🙂
        woow its nice to hear that you’re learning arabic, we can talk sometime in arabic, ill test you 😉 hehe
        you’re such a sweet person and I would like to meet you too inshallah, if not here in janna as you said Ameen.

        If you can, I can send you an invitation with your father to Kuwait. 🙂

  5. gogogandago!! Says:

    yeay hihi..no no no noo… i’m just a new learner..no test please 😦 but u have to teach me okay 😀 😀

    i feel learning arabic is really interesting..quite difficult but that’s okay, really helps me to understand our Holy Qur’an more..also makes me easier in remembering the surah..so i’ll keep my spirit 🙂

    i have once learned arabic when i was child, but then of course i forgot all the lessons :p

    i’ll tell u if i’m ready to be tested hihihi 😀

    actually, my father passed away 2 years ago, BUT what?? an invitation to Kuwait?? wooowwwww that’s very kind of you..but i think i should finish my medicine school first, maybe oneday when everything settled hahaha

    i heard about Palestina and Gaza and i feel so sad..how’s Kuwait?

    (I FEEL SO EXITED..i don’t know u..u don’t know me..maybe this is what we called the power of aqidah..islam makes me feels that u are a close friend..best sister..*happy tears )

    • Muslimah Says:

      hehe dont worry, I’ve always been in an english school and arabic was hard for me too :)but now i can read and write! I hope someday you’ll be better than me and you can remember all the surrahs ameen 😀

      Im so soorryy to hear about your father 😦 May Allah grant him jannah Ameen and inshallah he’s in a better place. But im sure he’s proud that he has a daughter like you.

      Inshallah if Allah gave us the chance to live, i would send you this invitation after you finish your medicine school 🙂 I would be glad to meet you.

      Did you hear about this ship that went to Gaza acouple of weeks ago?? There was people from all around the world, there was also from Kuwait, Italy, Egypt, America, England, Venezula, Lebanon, Spain etc and imagine there was Israelis too

      Kuwait is not kinda sad about this thing, they’re actually against it 😦 some problems happened and political stuff. But i dont care about our politics, there are alot of Kuwaiti people who supported this ship but the ones who were against it were liberals

      ( Im EXCITED too :’ ) ‘there is no difference between us my sweet sister, we’re just from different nationalities, and Islam taught us to love everyone,
      no matter who you are, yes our religion makes us close together. ) :’*

  6. gogogandago!! Says:

    yeah..it was the Mavi Marmara, wasn’t it?

    same here, in Indonesia..some people care, some careless..despite the fact that we are the biggest muslim community in d world 😦

    u know, nowadays..not all muslim really do what a muslim should do, right?

    may Allah always guide us..aamiiin 🙂

    • Muslimah Says:

      yea its the Marmara 😦
      I agree with you my dear sister. we can’t do anything about it, and there’s alot of people who are
      Muslims by name only. May Allah guide them to the right path Ameen.

      you take good care of yourself ok 🙂

      • gogogandago!! Says:


        u too, hope Allah is always in ur heart XD

        hmm..can i ask for ur email?? maybe sometime i wanna ask more about islam..since u are one of people who can explain about our sweet religion in a sweet way heheh 🙂

        or should i give u my email first??

        thank u sister ^_^

      • Muslimah Says:

        Ameen 🙂

        well im not a big fan of msn, or do you want to send me emails only? 🙂
        lol and i dont know if its ok to just put my email infront of everyone? 😀

        can you help me plz? 😛
        thank you my sweet sister

  7. tanks for introduce hijaab

  8. masha allah

  9. umm rahel Says:


    may i copy this?

    Barakallahu fiyk

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