Schism (The Bible version of Fitna)

Here are a couple of documentaries that were replied back to the Fitna movie! This first one is “Schism”, its nothing compared to the Fitna, but by showing some verses from the Bible can also change someone’s mind.

We are not here to have war between religions; we are here to find the truth. Anyone can take short verses from the Qur’an, or short speeches that were said by Sheikhs who are known for Islamic knowledge but are misunderstood. I didn’t put these documentaries to offend anyone, or to offend any Christian, I am here to show the world that anyone can have prejudice and can create hate in people towards a specific religion.

We are shown as the terrorists and Islam is shown like an evil religion. Yet, there’s alot of terrorists who are not Muslims such as the Irish army or the Basque separatist group in Spain.

Source: BBC reported, “The Etais blamed for killing more than 800 people in its four-decade fight for independence for the Basque region of northern Spain and south-west France…. Some analysts said its campaign became virtually untenable after the bomb attacks on Madrid in March 2004, blamed on Islamic extremists, which killed nearly 200 people. Those attacks made deadly violence politically unthinkable

Clearly its always blamed on the Muslims, yet, Basques were called terrorists. Why stop here? More sources???  There’s alot of terrorists that appeared all through these centuries, but media has a major role in showing how “all” Muslims or let’s say “the majority” are terrorists, we’re the famous terrorists now??. Want to know more terrorists around the world?

1) The Lambs of Christ, an extremist anti-abortion organization in the United States, termed as Christian terrorist organization.
, “Fighters for the Freedom of Israel”, Lehi was described as a terrorist organization by the British authorities (too old to forget??)
Khalistan Zindabad Force
is a terrorist outfit comprised mainly of Jammu based Sikhs in India.
Aum Shinrikyo, a Japanese new religious movement organization

There are more terrorist groups, anyone can look them up. But why are we the most popular now? Its media, they feed them the words and all they have to do is say it. Yes there are alot of Islamic terrorists that “kill” in the name of Islam which is totally wrong. We don’t even call these Muslims, we dislike them also.

Why can’t anyone see what’s happening in Iraq, how the US soldiers torturing Iraqis, killing anyone they see (children, men, women)! What about Palestine? What do you call this? Should a terrorist only bomb one place to kill alot of people? Israel is killing alot of Palestine’s every minute! Is there a difference?

Why just target one religion when you can see clearly that Christian’s soldiers in Iraq kill innocent people every day! Jewish soldiers are killing Palestinians everyday! But nobody talks about them, and media cannot show any images or footage on TV that relates to what all these soldiers are doing over there to these people. Why can’t we say that Christianity is a religion of war? Because that will be lack of knowledge actually!

Yet, taking verses from the Qur’an and was put in a way to sound “wrong”, I am sorry but this director doesn’t even have knowledge, If he had actually read about the Islamic history and studied Islam, he would’ve been more careful in how to show “wrong” evidence too.


Just look at the world now, who is getting killed the most? Christians?? i don’t think so! Muslims are killed daily, in a LARGE number and nobody calls it anything, they just forget about it! But if Muslim terrorists targeted a place, people will never stop talking about it. Can’t you see that even those Muslim terrorists are killing “Muslims”? How strange is that??  May Allah forgive everyone Ameen.


Why only focus on Islam when all these other religions also use violent killing everyday?? Should it be a bomb? So we can say “terrorists”? Aren’t all the massive deaths in Palestine or Iraq called terrorism? Is not about religion after all! In every group there is the good and the bad but that doesn’t mean that the whole group is the same! Just dont forget that the word “Islam” in Arabic means “PEACE”!

I’m saying it one more time, we are not here to offend anyone or any religion, as Muslims we are ordered to treat people of the book equally! But as a Muslimah, I wish that people would study Islam before commenting on it. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, May Allah forgives everyone, AMEEN!



6 Responses to “Schism (The Bible version of Fitna)”

  1. Muslim Says:

    nice post..but the third is not working properly..unsure why..but i like the fitnah muslim remix ;P..its good, clears up all of the misconceptions that Wilders put forth…i think its good if the same people who watched Wilders documentary would also watch this..

    Allah guides who he wills.

    Ya Allah

  2. Muslimah Says:

    i checked, its working perfectly! try again! but what do u mean by the “Fitnah Muslim remix”?? you mean the second video?

    i wish that people watch this too Ameen!

    did you read the whole post or you didnt bother?

    May Allah guide us all, Ameen!

  3. Muslim Says:

    in the beginning, i saw the vids straight away then i read what you wrote.


    ya, the 2nd video that was made by a Muslim. I called it a Muslim remix, even Muslims have sense of humor too

  4. Muslimah Says:

    what do you think about what i wrote???

    yes we do have sense of humor! why we’re not humans? 🙂

  5. Muslimah Says:

    oh the last video, shows images of the mosques in Iraq! the US soldiers had drawn in the walls of the mosque, “the cross” and in the Qura’an also! 😦 Allah yesam7hom

  6. Muslim Says:

    why would they do that? 😦

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