A big mosque cake :)

A very big cake, of the “haram” in mecca.
iT Would be nice to just keep it and not eat it 🙂



13 Responses to “A big mosque cake :)”

  1. Can i have a slice please? You know what, better make it two 🙂 This looks extra tasty! Yum Yum!

  2. mashAllah…but i dont want to eat it…its the mosque:(

  3. I agree what Hafsa says

  4. shaista kauser Says:

    mashallah uv done a tremendus job on an mosque cake…i want to know if u make these cakes and catter for atleast 150 people..i wud appreciate it if u culd get bak to me as soon as possible….thanku

    • Muslimah Says:


      Actually its just a photo I saw on the internet which I wanted to share with everyone 🙂
      Im not the one who baked this cake… I wish though 🙂

      thank you

  5. that is a huge cake but i dont want to eat it cause it is a mosque

  6. a m not happy by what youve done ” CAKE ” you can make any design but not the mosgue thats not good “MOSGUE ” has its respect .

    • Salam Omar,

      I found this picture on the internet and I started thinking can anyone make a cake that looks like a mosque?! I kept thinking about it like you.
      Maybe its just for people to see and not to eat?

      May Allah give us more knowledge Ameen.

  7. It is a cake looking like a mosque but NOT A MOSQUE. Why are religious person are usually STUPID? Can you differentiate between the two? If I build my house similar to Ka’bah, is my house is Al-Haram too?

    • salam Benrauf,

      umm who said this is a real Mosque? Im not sure what you’re talking about
      Everyone knows its a cake that looks like a Mosque. Actually looks like the Al-Haram Mosque.

      and who are you talking about as.. ( Religious person arre usually stupid )?
      Please, there is no need for this language.
      Its just a misunderstanding.

      and may Allah take you to the right path Ameen.

  8. its gud but plzzzz dont make cakes of mosques especially of “HARAM”…………

  9. may Allah give u more knowledge AMEEN!!!

  10. masood meharaj Says:

    may allah bless all of us pls make it know for all mohmeens

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