The reality of life

Let us take a look at the world, so beautiful, so fascinating and full of luxuries, top of the range cars,  great landmarks, cafes, state of the art stadiums,  mansions,  nightclubs, cinemas, theme parks, this is the life??????
Or what about cars, diamonds, jewellery, clothes, is this life??? 

Who wouldn’t like to live a chilled out life? who does not desire that these luxuries were to last forever?

Now back to reality, is it not true that all these luxuries, this world, will one day perish? Is it not true that this world will one day come to an end?

Everyday we see changes taking place in the world; just take a look at the progress that technology has made. How about the changes that take place in ones life, look at the changes that take place when the child is in the womb of his mother, the child is then born, he enjoys his childhood, he then grows older, he gets married, he has his own kids, responsibility’s befall him from left, right and centre, then a day comes when that same child reaches his destiny and departs from this world. Similarly seeds are planted, the flower grows and blossoms, then a time comes when that plant dries and is no more beautiful.

Beloved Muslims! This world is nothing but amusement and play; it is full of luxuries and fantasies that are fascinating but deceptive. It’s so easy to fall into its trap, but to escape from its clutches is extremely difficult.

Let us now search for the reality of life, what is the purpose of our creation? What is the reason as to why Allah Taa’la has brought us into this world? If we take a look at the Qur`an, we find that Allah Taa’la clearly states that he has created us so that we may worship him, the outcome of which will be that Allah Taa’la will be pleased with us and will Inshallah save us from the hellfire and will grant us with the bounties of paradise.

Our destination is the hereafter.

Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Umar (SW) says that the Prophet (SAW) once held me and said “ live in this world as though you are a traveller or a wayfarer” (Bukhari).

Now, when a person is travelling, he will not go to extreme measures when it comes to sorting out luggage and provision, nor will he be out trying to make loads of friends, but rather he will get his job done quickly and return home. Similarly, a traveller of this world should also remember and keep in mind his actual destination.

If we take a look at the Seerah of our Holy Prophet Muhammad(SAW), we will realise what kind of connection our Prophet (SAW) had with this world.

On one occasion Prophet Muhammad(SAW) was resting on a mattress which was made of date stones, and because of its hard surface, marks had appeared on the blessed back of Rasulullah(SAW). Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Masud (SW) said, “O Prophet of Allah! If you command us, we could get for you a soft mattress to sleep on”. Prophet(SAW) replied “what connection have I got with this world, my connection with this world is similar to that of a traveller who takes shade for a short while under a tree, then leaves it and continues his journey.”

May Allah Taa’la take out of our hearts the love for this world, and replace it with the desire to succeed in the hereafter, Ameen.

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3 Responses to “The reality of life”

  1. MashaAllah, Nice Article.

  2. pink peral Says:

    so nice artical

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