The Black Stone – Hajre-Aswad

In the middle of a deserted valley surrounded by mountains, two men were at work. Slowly slowly, brick by brick, they were building the house of Allah Ta’ala. The friend and Prophet of Allah Ta’ala, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his dear son, the grandfather of the Prophet (SAW), Prophet Ismail (AS) were building the Kabah, continuously supplementing to Allah Ta’ala, until the Kabah had been created. It was missing one stone. On seeing this, Hadhrat Ibrahim(AS) instructed Hadhrat Ismail (AS) to go search for a stone, so that he can put into the empty space. Hadhrat Ismail (AS) obeying his father’s orders went searching for a stone, during which time Hadhrat Jibrael Alayhis Salam brought the Hajre Aswad to Ibrahim (AS).
Allah Ta’ala had placed the stone in mount Abu Kays, when the great flood occurred in the time of Hadhrat Nuh (AS), and ordered Hadhrat Jibrael Alayhis Salam that when you see my friend making my house, take the stone out for him and give it to him.
Hadhrat Ismail (AS)returned, and on seeing this stone he asked “Oh my father, where did you get this from?” Hadhrat Ibrahim (AS) replied, “Hadhrat Jibrael(AS)brought it.”
Hadhrat Jibrael(AS) placed the stone in its place, and Hadhrat Ibrahim (AS) applied the finishing touches. The Hajre Aswad was sparkling because of its pure whiteness, and it enlightened the north, south, east and west.
It has been related in a Hadith that Hadhrat Jibrael(AS) brought the Hajre Aswad from Jannah.
In another Hadith, it has been said by Hadhrat Ibn Abbas (SAW), that the Hajre Aswad and Makame Ibrahim are the two pearls from the pearls of Jannah. They came down from the sky with a divine light, and after being placed on the earth their light was extinguished. If Allah Ta’ala had not extinguished their light the two stones would have lit all that which is in between the sky and the earth.
The Hajre Aswad is that stone, from which millions of Muslims begin their tawaaf. When it first came from Paradise, it was brighter than snow and milk. Its length is approximately one foot and is embedded in the corner of the Kabah. Allah Ta’ala has given the stone a special attribute, that if any human kisses, touches or even gives istilam to the stone, it seeks forgiveness of sins for that very human and on the day of Judgement the stone will be given a tongue and will give witness for whoever has visited it on that day.
The stone slowly slowly started loosing its whiteness because of the large quantity of sinners kissing the stone. For this apparent reason part the stone has become black, but the embedded part in the structure of the Kabah is still white.
A further attribute of this stone is that the noble Prophet (SAW) has kissed this stone, so whenever anyone touches or kisses the stone, he is kissing or touching the place where the lips of the Prophet (SAW) had touched.

29 Responses to “The Black Stone – Hajre-Aswad”

  1. I kissed the stone 4 times when i did umrah, i wish i can go back. It smells really nice 🙂

  2. wow.. mashallah 🙂

    Inshallah i go there soon.. Ameen!

  3. my name is hajre and i want to understand better the meaning of my name.

  4. MashaAllah and jazaakA’llaahu khayran.:)

  5. Abu Muhammad Says:

    Salaam, could you please list the factual references for the information above concerning the Hijri Aswad. Shukran

  6. what about a child name ASWAD.

  7. Please pray for me my Muslims Brothers and Sisters ,i wolud like to go this for performing Hajj and want to kiss the Hijra Aswad… Thanks ….. Bilal




  8. Asalam alajkom brother and sisters!
    Im from sweden and I converted to Islam from Christianity for about 1 years ago. My greatest dream is to travel to Mecca and perform pilgrimage.
    So please! my brothers and sisters in faith! pray for me that I can come to Mecca. May God give you all your desires!

    // Mikael from Sweden

  9. Wa’lykom esalam Mikael,

    Mashallah, Welcome to Islam and may Allah protect you and give you patience in this life.

    All Muslims enshallah will pray for you from all their hearts, in this beautiful month of ramadan.

    Keep on making du’a and pray for Allah that you will someday go to Mecca Ameen. Allah is listening to your prayers and he is testing your faith.

    May Allah grant you pilgrimage Ameen.

  10. Mikael,

    Allah bless you and grant all your wishes but remember my brother visit to Ka’aba is by invitation only. Just pray to the Almighty for the invite. Once that happens, nothing can stop you from getting there and Allah SWT will take care of the rest and you will be surprised how everything falls into place for your trip to the House of Allah !

  11. Esalam aleykum!

    Thank you Rob and Muslimah for your support.
    May Allah give you all that you want! inshallah

    best regards


  12. munawar shaikh Says:

    Salaam Allaykum to all of you,

    I beg for your prayers along with my family,

    Subhaan Allah!! How blessed you all are to be there and have the
    privellege to kiss that blessed stone. I dream to be there along with my family. I feel blessed to be receiving these kind of mails and then have the honor to read and write all of your comments. Subhaan Allah!! Bless you all! I beg and plead to be there with my family Inshaa Allah! I get extreamely emontional to be reading these kind of mails and Inshaa Allah we will have the opportunity to be granted our wish. Inshaa Allah!! I always pray to God in the name of my Maula my wish to be fullfilled! Ameen!

  13. i performed 5 umrahs till now as of 02/02/1431 H.but still my thirst of going there again does not the 1st umrah i could only touch the hajre aswad bot not kiss it.but in other umrahs i always kissed it.i want to share my trick with u how to get the chance of kissing it in the crowd.always approach it for kissing at 9am.people at that time are the minimum.just be in the que n try to wait for your turn.but remember,always keep your left hand holding the kabba tight.inshaALLAH u will be able to kiss the hajre aswad.aameen.


    may the almighty ALLAH grant me that chance of visiting the holy place and kissing the divine stone,ameen.may ALLAH always guide us to the right path.

  15. Mohammad Azhar Says:

    Assalamo Alai Kum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatahu my dear brothers and sisters in faith….Please pray for me and for my forgiveness of my sins undoubtedly Allah is Oft-Forgiving and very Merciful.
    And Pray for the entire Muslim Ummah so that we all can go for pilgrimage of Kaaba by Allah’s Grace inshallah and kiss the Hajre Aswad and perform the Sunnah as well. Alhumdulillah. Praise be to Allah.

  16. Mohammad Azhar Says:

    Pray for Hidayah for the whole of HUMANITY. So inshallah ISLAM will overcome all the religions as predestined by ALLAH SWT. Jazakallah Khair.

  17. shabbir mehar Says:


  18. ahh moderation turned on.

    • Muslimah Says:

      Is it better this way?

      Nobody had talked to you disrespectfully about who you are, where you come from and even your religion,
      for you to comment badly.

      thank you
      May God take you to the right path Ameen

  19. Says:

    pray for the hidayat of all human kind

  20. you should give more information about it.

  21. A££ the brother and sistars Assalam0alaikum
    plz pray for me and my fam


  23. sabbirhussain Says:

    Assalam o Alaykum, My Muslemin Brothers / Sisters,
    Can anybody guide me 4th Side of Kaaba was named Rukn Hijr e aswad . Rukn Yemeni means Country Yemen Side, Rukn e Iraki Country iraq side, Rukn e Shami means Country Syria Side, is Rukn e hijr e aswad means that holy stone have been placed that side ?

  24. Syed Asir Shah Says:

    Thanks : but i want complet histriy of hajr e Aswad stone.

  25. Assalamoualaikoum
    I’ve been for Umrah Ramadaan. I prayed for all brothers and sisters in islam to visit the holy Kaaba. But its very difficult to touch the Hajr a aswaad especially for women though not impossible. Insha Allah u all going soon. Ameen.

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