Why should Muslim Women wear Hijab?

Ask yourself, or ask the next person who asks you that question, if a female judge walked into the courtroom wearing a tight miniskirt and low-cut blouse, would you take her seriously? Who would you respect more, a woman dressed like that or one dressed modestly? The Qur’an was revealed for all times, and though circumstances change, human nature does not. The fact is that men do like to look at women, so a woman who covers herself is more likely to be respected as a person than looked upon as a piece of meat or toy!

Muslim women wear hijab—which is more than just a head cover—because God ordered them to do so in two places in the Qur’an, and because Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also ordered it. The Qur’an says in Surah 24, verses 30 – 31 what means:
*{Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be modest. That is purer for them! Allah is Aware of what they do. And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and  and their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils over their bosoms, and not to reveal their adornment save to their own husbands or fathers or husbands fathers, or their sons or their husbands’ sons, or their brothers or their brothers’ sons or sisters sons, or their women, or their slaves, or male attendants who lack vigor, or children who know naught of women’s nakedness. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. And turn unto Allah together, O believers, in order that ye may succeed.}*

These verses tell us that our Islamic dress is not just a matter of covering the head alone, but also of covering the bosom, which is attractive to men, and of lowering the gaze and walking in a way that does not attract attention. Note that the order to lower the gaze was addressed first to men..

Also the other verse about the same point, which is verse number 59 in Surah 33:

*{O Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them [when they go abroad]. That will be better, that so they may be recognized and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.}*

This indicates that one of the reasons for hijab is to distinguish the believing woman from the non-believing. This relates to the logic behind hijab.
Al Sayda Aisha:
Mentioned the women of Ansar, praised them and said good words about them. She then said: When Surat Al-Nur came down, they took the curtains, tore them and made head covers (veils) of them. (Sunan Abu Dawud: Book 32, Number 4089) Allah knows best

Prophet(SAW) said (Frightening hadith!):
“That among the signs of the Day of Judgment is that there will be women who will be dressed but will be naked, so curse them because for they are truly cursed! And they will never ever smell the fragrance of Paradise – authentic narration.” Allah knows best



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  1. a girl from egypt Says:

    thank you for this great effort and we want you to give your best for ever.

  2. This is quite a up-to-date information. I’ll share it on Facebook.

  3. I don’t want to wear hijab. I find it ridiculous that the comparisons are always mini skirts or hijab. I don’t wear mini skirts, I dress very modestly, but I dont want to wear hijab. If muslim men are sexually aroused, if a woman dresses modestly but not in hijab, then tell men to stay at home and women can run their lives, the country, the world, quite well thank you very much! It is ridiculous that for men’s insecurities, women have to be penalised. And I am mightily tired of these arguments that are extremely condesending towards women saying its for our protection and respect etc. Teach muslim men to respect women whatever they wear. That is a basic human courtesy. Muslim men actually do not respect women at all! Whether you wear hijab or not.

    • hey asia!!

      seriously there is nothing to explain after all it is clearly mentioned in Qur’an which is allahs ‘kalaam’
      After it’s well explained here with witness from Allah’s ‘kalaam’ who is our god…. and you still got arguments and your own opinions on that wearing hijab is no necessary, I’m rele sad to say that you’ve lost eman on almighty n you’ve no right be a muslim…

      • Shashie Says:

        really. no offense but, who r u 2 tell her tht she’s not Muslim. wats in the heart is wat matters!!! i don’t wear a hijab but i’m still the same Muslim believer tht i have always been. i still dress modestly, ( NO miniskirts NO low necklines, NO tight pants NOTHING A LITTLE 2 REVEALING.) so, um, if she has the heart and is a true believer, then she is. u have no right 2 tell her if she is or not. Allah decides tht. i think u just went down a notch on his graph!! (oh, yeah, on offense!!)
        oh, n yes. Allah told you 2 dress modestly but all tht veils n stuff like the niqib isn’t necessary. Allah wants his people to look beautiful, not like a bunch of bag women
        i sort of agree with Asia. men just don’t it’s not my fault if i am modest n they can’t handle it cuz i’m not wearing a hijab. OK, so , lets say tht they did respect us. y r ther so many honor killing?? y did they use 2 bury their daughters in the sand n kill them cuz they wanted a boy. now u tell me.
        sorry if any feelings got hurt

      • Muslimah Says:

        True niqab is not a (must).. i dont wear it. Its a sunnah.. if people wants to wear it .. its their life! this is their freedom, exactly like its your freedom to not wear the hijab! As I said, each person has his own life and will be judged all alone, and will be in the grave all alone with no friends, no family.. we will forget fashion, food, jewellery.. everything.. there is nothing but a white cloth! we were made from mud and will go back to mud..

        however, we should respect each persons mentalty .. so please we can’t disrespect people who wear niqab and say (bunch of bag women). If you’re a true believer as you say .. you will never talk disrespectfully about people. Dont wear hijab.. but atleast have a pure heart and love people no matter who they are 🙂

        And about honor killing is not about ” Islam ” .. dont judge a religion by others bad actions. This is a cultural thing.. like in Afghanistan but its not realated to Islam or even true Muslims. And burying girls.. is found mainly in Africa, which is not about ” Islam” also. Its a cultural thing they have over there, that evil is found and all these strange stories.

        So my sweet sister, dont listen to anyone, not even me.. just listen to God words.. for once.. open the Quran and read with all your heart..
        you know.. you will feel that Allah is dedicating those words to you.. to mankind.. read.. understand.. and feel.. there is something so strange .. all the answers are found ..! give yourself some time.. find yourself a break in this life.. and read all alone.. you will find everything!

        Allah loves us.. and we should love him..
        why not do even the easiest things for our Lord..

        may Allah protect you Ameen 🙂

    • Shashie Says:

      I AGREE

      • Shashie Says:

        OK, so, ” burying girls” is found in Africa. no, it’s not, it’s found or was found in Arabia. not trying 2 be disrespectful but, it’s true. have you read the little part int he beginning of your qu’ran. maybe it’s my translation but, wen i read it, it said that before Allah came 2 the Arabs, they wer like heathens. maybe it’s my translation, but, um, go check.

        im not being disrespectful, just saying, they do look like a bunch of bag women. i know thats a part of my religion 2, but, thats unnecessary. if they want 2 wear it, thats them. if comes for the heart!!
        i’m not judging Islam, i’m saying that that if Islam if love and peace, than y kill up a bunch of girls who have been lead astray. maybe Allah will help them find the right path. you don’t just kill them. but then 2, yeah , it’s cultural , so i’m be quiet about that 1.

        you can tell i’m not listening 2 u or anyone. (JUST KIDDING! NOT 4REAL JUST KIDDING!!)

      • Muslimah Says:

        Salam Shashie 🙂

        Im sorry I thought you were talking about burying girls now a days! if you mean its in the Quran and was found in Arabia, yes it is mentioned in the Quran! What you mean is about burying girls in the ( jahleeya days ).. do you know what is Jahleeya? those are the days before Islam.. years and years ago, so God sent down this verse..:

        (Quran, Al-Takweer: 81)

        “(6) And when the souls are joined with their bodies (the good with the good and bad with the bad). (7) And when the female (infant) buried alive (as the pagan Arabs used to do) is questioned.[] (8) For what sin was she killed? (9) And when the (written) pages [of deeds (good and bad) of every person] are laid open; (10) And when the heaven is stripped off and taken away from its place; (11) And when Hell-fire is set ablaze. (12) And when Paradise is brought near, (13) (Then) every person will know what he has brought (of good and evil).”

        You can open the Quran and read it. 🙂

        And I opened my interpretation book for the meanings and stories of all the verses in the Quran, and this verse was sent, to our Prophet Mohammed(saw) and said: “Allah has forbidden for you to be unduitful to your mothers, to bury your daughters alive, not to pay the rights of the others and to beg of men and Allah hates for you sinful and useless talk like backbiting…etc”

        See.. thats why people just listen about stuff or read some verses and they dont really understand the story. They think they understand the verse but what really hurts me that theres alot of people out there that interpret some verses in the Quran the way they understand it and they never educate themselves. But there are alot of stories in the Quran that shows you the old days and things that was forbidden like this story. God has forbidded those people that were (jahleen) which means in Arabic.. umm non-educated, they dont have a religion..!

        I hope you understand this verse now 🙂 its nice to learn something new.. and to gain more knowledge rather than just talking about something with no knowledge 🙂

        oh by the way.. I should say something REALLY important! im not sure if you’re an Arab or not.. or even a Muslim or not..
        but not “ALL” Arabs are Muslims!!! Most Muslims are found in Asia not in the Arab world. We have alot of Christian Arabs.. and from other religions!
        So whatever Arabs do in this world.. that doesnt mean its Islam that taught them to do this 🙂

      • Shashie Says:

        no, i meant, after Islam was given 2 them. they started all of that superstitious stuff and burying the girls cuz they wanted a boy. Yeah, ur right, some people really do twist and turn Islam into a new shape

      • Muslimah Says:

        No, the burying of girls was not after knowing Islam.. it was before it.. and so God sent down the verse where it says to “not bury girls, for what sin are they buried”. If we read the story and gain knowledge we will understand this verse perfectly.

      • Shashie Says:

        k, think wat ever u want 2

      • i wear a hijab know coz it has said in the quran and its more modesy and know men and other have more respect for me and so do i

    • did you not read properly it said that it is in the nature of men to stare at women. and how many men are u going top tell to stay home. ur pethetic. FYI have u not noticed that men in streets are staring at girls disrespectfuly and how many of these men are really muslims. u are making ur-self sound like a non believer which u proberly are, if u disagree with somthing that ALAH or our prothet has told us u are simply forbidding your self to call you a muslim.

  4. Muslimah Says:

    Salam Asia,

    First let me start by saying, that hijab is a “must” in Islam. However, you are not forced to wear it because this comes from the heart.

    Let’s keep men out of this as you mentioned in your comment. You wear it not for people or because of men, but for Allah and yourself. If you respect your religion and believe in Allah you will do everything he ordered us to do. It’s not about arguing whether men look or not, but as Allah mentioned in Quran,

    “Tell the believing women to lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils over their bosoms, and not to reveal their adornment.”

    You don’t need to wear it if you dont respect it. If you have doubt in hijab, then you will have doubt in Allah. Recharge your eman and may Allah show you the right path ameen.

    • Shashie Says:

      OK, heres my reply yes, u wear it 4 yourself n Allah. i agree tht it comes from the heart. but me= maybe someone isn’t ready 2 wear it. give them time don’t just automatically bash them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n at no point did i see the words COVER YOUR HEAD u don’t have to wear a scarf of a niqab if u aren’t ready. just be modest. oh, n yeah lets say there wer no men in the world, then ther would be no hijabs, so , um, yeah, she has a piont about the men.

      • Shashie Says:

        i meat maybe instead od me= maybe

      • Muslimah Says:

        Salam Shashie,

        I really dont know why you’re so angry 🙂 calm down each person has his point of view. As I mentioned before, hijab is not about men.. its about Allah. we must obey our lord because He is the One that created mankind and this universe.. we are nothing infront of our Lord. He ordered us to wear it, as mentioned in the Quran. Do you know that even “men” should stay modest .. and also mentioned in the Quran? not “only” women!! people should read the Quran and understand the words carefully. However, if you’re a person that never opened the Quran and read the whole book you will lack knowledge and will listen to different people here and there! But the Quran is right infront of you and has all your answers not blogs or websites or people!

        I didnt bash anyone really, its just a simple post. Im a young person, i have hands.. I can write, Im educated, Im not oppressed, I can express myself but this does not mean im bashing anyone. I really respect each and every person that checks my blog no matter who he/she is.. no matter what your religion, nationality or race you are. People have their own freedom to do what they really want. However, we have a brain, we are educated and we should earn more knowledge.. to help us in this life rather than lack knowledge and feel that we are nothing in this life.

        Each person will be judged all by him/herself.. each one of us will be alone in the grave, will be alone in judgement day, will go to either hell or heaven alone.. each one of us has his own deeds and own sins. I wont take your deeds and sins or the other way round. Because this life is a test.. we are created.. we pass through a very veryyy hard exam in this life and we will know our grade at the end of time. I dont force anyone and nobody had forced me!

        I really never said everyone should wear the hijab. who am I to say that? when we have our beautiful words from Allah why should people listen to me? if people dont follow Allahs words.. they will follow mine???

        anyone who wants to wear the hijab it will start from the heart, its the eman within us, the love we have for God, the time when we will meet him afterlife.. no one will live forever and our life might end anytime.. even this moment!

        I dont wear hijab before, even my mom and my older sister doesnt even wear it. I was a girl that loves to wear short skirts and stylish but I knew that this life might end anytime. Ive always been in an American school, Im an artist and a designer and my hijab or parents never stopped me. I lost alot of people in my life.. young people.. close people.. why should my heart be filled with all this things in life? why isnt it for my God? The One who makes me breathe everyday!

        life is just a second that will never come back.. but afterlife is forever.. and ever.. either for the good or the bad..

        I really appericiate your words, because Islam taught me to respect everyone even when they dont respect me 🙂 If I can.. I would make all the people smile.. because even this smile is a reward from Allah..! If you get so close to Him.. you might understand.. but when you get close to life.. you’ll forget Him.

        may Allah protect you and guide you to the right path Ameen

      • Shashie Says:

        waz going 2 say some stuff yesterday but i didn’t have time so, lucky

  5. datgurlnextdoor Says:

    thank you 4 this information..

  6. You’re most welcome 🙂

    Happy ramadan

  7. Aslm alkm! I believe in Allahs as my Rabb and practice islam like any other muslim. And believe that Islam is from the heart and its not an hijab that will stop a woman from sinning. I live in a non islamic country and do not wear hijab and my husband has no problem with it. He knows I will respect him. So why should one opress one another with a hijab. If Gods will for a muslima to wear a hijab he will direct her. Islam also teaches us to respect one another. And nobody is perfect and I don’t believe that a veil woman is better than one which is not covered.


    • Shashie Says:

      thanks!! so much i was waiting 4 someone 2 say tht!!!!! I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. My dear sistrers in islam let us not be the judge of our sisters action. Allah guide wjom he will. And if something happen it was to happen through whichever path he or she takes. JazakAllah for the sisters who give best advice with the head covering may Allah reward you all. But please also learn to respect the one who does wish to do so. If they have their islamic knowledge let us not chase them away from the religion of truth and understand them and pray that Allah guide them. No one is perfect a veil woman may not posess the quality that one who who doesn’t waer hijab. Let our Rabb be the judge and let each one of us learn and read the Quran to benefit ourselves and our neighbours and called others to the religion of truth. Do not opress one another in the religion of peace. Each one one of us practice to our own capabilty. Ameen!

  9. Salam vicfasha,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, I respect every word you wrote.

    Its true that not all vieled women practice Islam correctly and they might not do what Allah ordered us to do such as praying. However, lets not always look at the bad side, there’s alot that follow Islam the correct way.

    As I mentioned in my previous comments, that hijab is obligatory which Allah stated in Qura’an and that our prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) quoted too.

    Even though that your husband doesn’t force you to wear it, you have to wear it from your heart because its a “must” in Islam, excatly like praying, pilgramge, charity. If you have doubt on Allahs words you should try to read Quran again and follow what Allah told us to do. You won’t wear hijab for your husband or the society but for Allah’s sake, for your religion and for the hereafter.

    Lets talk common sense if not in religion. Why should you cover up when you pray? and not cover up when you finish praying? Does Allah sees you only when you pray? but when you finish, he’s gone?

    Whats important my sister is that if you ever think of wearing it, you should wear it from your heart and remember you should respect what you’re wearing becuase its a symbol of Islam. Lets not follow others that ruined the name of hijab and let us give back something to Allah because he gave us alot. lets not forget!

    Don’t waste time my sister, nobody knows when he/she will die. Life is short but the hereafter is eternal.

    Do what Allah ordered us to do before its too late! Allah the Al-mighty that gave us life, health, food, education, a family.. lets thank him and follow his commands to gain paradise and protect us from the grave and hell punishments Ameen.

    May Allah protect you and take you to the right path Ameen.

    • On behalf of findislam,

      i would like to think you sister for these very knowledgeable comments you have made. You provided clear knowledge, clear proof, as well as understanding in Islam. You are welcome to write articles or even add any changes you may feel are needed for (www.findislam.wordpress.com)


      • Salam Alykom Findislam,

        I really appericiate your wonderful comment, it made me speechless. I trully respect your words.

        Thank you for asking me to write on your blog.

        JazakAllah khayran

    • Shashie Says:

      um not a must. show me wer it says tht. n no, i will not be forced 2 wear something that is a preference, NOT A MUST

      • Muslimah Says:

        inshallah I will show you were its written in the Quran that it is a must. ( I thought you read the post)

        Muslim women wear hijab—which is more than just a head cover—because God ordered them to do so in two places in the Qur’an, and because Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also ordered it. The Qur’an says in Surah 24, verses 30 – 31 what means:
        *{Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be modest. That is purer for them! Allah is Aware of what they do. And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and and their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils over their bosoms, and not to reveal their adornment save to their own husbands or fathers or husbands fathers, or their sons or their husbands’ sons, or their brothers or their brothers’ sons or sisters sons, or their women, or their slaves, or male attendants who lack vigor, or children who know naught of women’s nakedness. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. And turn unto Allah together, O believers, in order that ye may succeed.}*

        see.. read carefully.. it says (men should be modest also). strange right? so its not only about women and men after all.

        Its the words of Allah.. not mine really..
        its our Quran.. if we dont believe it.. I guess we shouldnt be Muslims then!

        please some questions:
        Why do you pray? its a must right? why is it a must? is it in the Quran? Do you believe the words of the Quran?
        If you believe in Allah.. do you believe in his words? If you believe in the Quran.. do you believe in its words?

        If you love Allah.. will you obey him?

  10. nooreen aqueel Says:

    thanx 4 da info……

  11. thankyu for ur information!assalamualaikum

  12. Asalamualykum Wa Rahmatullah wa barakatu!

    Sister i understand completey what you are trying to get across..
    if you believe in Allah And Hes Prophets And Hes Last Day And The Words HeSent Down i.e The Glorious Qur’an, Then WeShould Follow Every Word That Allah Says.

    He Stated In The Quran in surah 24 Ayah 3-31

    *{Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be modest. That is purer for them! Allah is Aware of what they do. And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and and their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils over their bosoms, and not to reveal their adornment save to their own husbands or fathers or husbands fathers, or their sons or their husbands’ sons, or their brothers or their brothers’ sons or sisters sons, or their women, or their slaves, or male attendants who lack vigor, or children who know naught of women’s nakedness. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. And turn unto Allah together, O believers, in order that ye may succeed.}*

    If It Clearly States That In The Quran We Must Follow It, Also Prophet Muhammed S.a.w Stated It Aswell And We Showld Follow In Rusullulah S.A.W Footsteps For He Is One Of The Believing Men Of Paradise

    “Oh You Who Believe In Allah And Hes Last Day Talk What Is Good Or Keep Quiet! Stated” Sahih Al Bukahri

    One Meaning: If It Is Said In The Quran Verily It Is TheTruth So Spread It.. Do Not Spread What Is Not In The Quran Or Hadiths For Only These Are TheOnly Benefical Words!

    We Do Not Judge Sisters Who Dont Wear Hijab But If You Believe In Allah And Hes LastDay And Rusullulah SAW Then You Are a Muslim If You Fear Allah Then u Are a Mumin But y Believe In Your Heart And Not Want To Look Like a Muslim. Why Dress Like a Kufr.. They Do Not Want To Dress Like Us Muslims? So y Dont You Want To Dress Like aMuslim.. You Dress Like a Kufr Whilst They Continue To Mock You.

    If Your a Muslim Then Why Do You Do The Things Allah Hates And Not Do The Things Allah Loves!

    Im Not Here To Judge No1 Kah I Am In No Position To Do That! As i Am Not Allah.
    But i Love Allah And Every Word He Stated In TheQuran IsTrue So i Follow And i Just WANT To Tell My Sisters In Islam What Is Right Inshallah Ta’ala

    Ya Allah May You Guide Us All
    Ya Allah Will You Open Up Our Hearts And hELP US To Follow Your Word
    Ya Allah Will You Increase Us All In Eeman And Knowlege
    Ameen Ya Rabil Alameen

    From Your Young Sister In Islam

    Young Amatullah

    May Allah Bless UsAll Ameen

    BarakallahHu Feek

    Wa Alaykum Salam Warahmatullah Wa Baraktu! x x x

    • Shashie Says:

      Wat does a Muslim dress like?? i know modestly but wat does a Muslim dress like. n no, i don’t want 2 dress like u just because i am a Muslim.

  13. lisa2fatima Says:

    As salam alaikum sisters,
    hope inshallah you all are in good health inshallah 🙂
    Alhumdulilah have been muslim over 4 years..Im white/british.
    Islam has given me a purpose in life & I have never been happyer..
    Anyways to the point I started to learrn is it obligatury or cultural.
    I studied more and more dept & learnt that yes hijab is obligatury but it should be from are hearts and do it for Allah.I learn’t there maybe things we do not like or understand but it is for are good.Alhumdulilah my family never gave me problem becoming muslim…Anyways i was always very nervous to try wear hijab & over time i started to gain more confience.Alhumdulilah I wear hijab full time.I see so much benifit from wearing hijab I feel protected & free.Any non hijabi out there just try it you never know you might like it and you will see a differance too

    • my one sister told that she is Muslim but not wear hijab because it is not necessary then just think of the hadith of beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W. who says;that a time will come that lady will wear dress but still they will look naked.and moreover he says curse on them.so please my sister wear hijab as Allah and rasul order to u for this.u just check yourself in the mirror before wearing hijab and after wearing it.u find yourself more beautiful in hijab.me i m a man but it is our nature that we respect those more who wear hijab and vice verse.

  14. hello i did not find this web usefull can u sort this out i have to learn bout islam this term so can u get some use full info on tyhis web pleaz

    from gawjuss as always xxxx

    • Muslimah Says:

      Salam grace,

      What do you want to know about Islam and ill be glad to help. 🙂
      There are posts about what is Islam, do we worship Allah or God, Is islam about terrorism, etc

      however, if you’re looking for something specific, please ask 🙂

      May God help you in your life, Ameen

  15. muslimaaaaaaa i love u sooooo much..really i love u 🙂
    and i wanna know how you got this beautiful information about islam???? plz answer me if u don mind becouse realllllyyyy i wanna b like u 🙂 to be a good wife and good mum inchallah :))))))

    • Muslimah Says:

      Salam Mai 🙂

      you’re such a wonderful person and you have put a smile on my face 🙂
      thank you so much for your kind words.

      I got this somewhere from the internet, sorry for not providing the link 😦 too bad I forgot to link it.

      Thank God you liked it anyway 🙂 this post had gave me the opportunity to read a beautiful comment from a very kind person 🙂

      May Allah take you to the right path and grant you janna Ameen

  16. salamou 3alaykom.esmi myriam men tounes !

  17. nouacha Says:

    salem alaykom,
    i agree with all the sayings and what allah and our prohpetes but i personnaly am french and live in france and i work in france, and now it is not allowed to work with hijab, so i am very sad, i am searching for a job in a muslim country so that i can leave this country and peoples who are anemies foe god. going in an other place is the solution so that i can wear hijab and practice my relegion peacefully and work and the same time.
    sometimes you juste can’t do what you want…
    baraka allah fikoum

    • Assalam aleykum sister nouacha! I’m very sad that france banned niqab and u cant work in public places. Allah sees everything, inshaallah Allah will help you! You can work in USA too, even if it is not muslim country we muslim women allowed to wear hijab at work alhamdulillah 🙂 . May Allah help you sister!

      Jazzakallahi Khayran!

  18. im with u asia, if something is wrong in this world me need to face it, running away from it or hiding is never a solutin, i too find these arguements silly.i dont wear a hijab.dont feel the need to.but again im not against it.if someone feels they want to,im completely supportive.its a very personal view n i respect it.but its a matter of choice, my heart does not agree to it so i dont do it.we can be good muslims even if we dont cover our head…peace n respect

    • Muslimah Says:

      salam my dear sister Sabba,

      ofcourse each woman has the choice to either wear the hijab or not. Its starts within and especially when trusting in Allah.
      lets say it in other words. Is there any girl who doesnt want to look beautiful? who doesnt want to go out and wear nice clothes
      that can also be modest in a way? ofcourse they do. Yet, they submitted their lives to one God, the Creator, that will someday
      take our souls and tell us what we did in our short life. yes our lives is short, if its not today.. its tomorrow. Yet, in the here after
      it will never end, this is our real life. This world wants to look beautiful in our eyes for us to follow it but we forgot that someday there will
      be a place better than this world 10000 times.

      My mama was fighting cancer and she had to live her life with chemotherapy. when i kept thinking about what we’re going through,
      i knew that life didnt make any sense. why are we so concerned about people around us saying if we’re beautiful or not, what we wear or not,etc. and somehow we never considered Allah what he loves about us? in less than a second our life have changed .. No one could take her suffering, nobody knew what she was going through.. but Allah! I knew that this disease was from God and by our prayers, ( by his will ) he will end it. and we’re still thinking about life and what it has?

      we never think that we will someday leave this world and face him? we only think of our desires, fashion, people, music, etc.

      yes people can be good without the hijab. yet they forgot to follow Allahs commands. If this wasn’t stated in the Quran, we might say “umm ok
      who cares about hijab its just something that women used to wear looongg ago”. But Allah stated “*{Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be modest. That is purer for them! Allah is Aware of what they do. And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and and their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils over their bosoms, and not to reveal their adornment save to their own husbands or fathers” ( Quran, surah 24, verse 30-31)
      its written clearly in the Quran, its the words of God.. not me, not you, not anyone.. but Allah our Creator. We should be soo shy… SOO SHY .. from our Creator, we should thank him for everything… for your health, for your family, for having something to eat, for education and for your LIFE. and after all this..after all he did for us.. we cant give him anything back? but false desires for this world that will soon.. if we like it or not .. it will soon end. . . and would cry just to come to life for a second just to change.

      May Allah bring peace in your heart and show you the right path Ameen.
      May Allah not take all his blessing away from you.. and soon you will see that life its just a couple of seconds of a short dream.

      With a pure heart.. a heart of a Muslim girl .. who respects you and respect your point of view.. prays from within.. to protect you Ameen 🙂

      • Jazzak Allahi Khayran sister Muslima! Mashaallah u re giving great examples! May Allah give u rewards!I think if Allah doesnt want to give “hidayah” for somebody else, that person will not understand why they should do what Allah says. Everything is in Allah subhanu wa taola’s hands!So if Allah will sister Asia or other sisters who rejecting to wear hijab will understand why should they have to wear hijab! But we muslimah sisters have to help each other to explain in detail if some of us in misunderstanding. Thank you sister Muslima for that help!
        Proud to be Muslima! with love…..

  19. two thumbs up vicfasha !!!

  20. hey i think i might have been a bit rude in what i said..im sorry did not mean to hurt or anger anyone…just a personal opinion..god bless u for what ur doing..

  21. salem all muslims
    4 me i put al-hijab nd thnx god ..why muslim women has 2 wear hijab??..
    i answer with/allah say that every girl up 13 or12 has 2 put hijab ..of caurce mouhamehet the profect of allah tell us this ..about me i m arabic muslim girl nd i have the honor ..thnk u 4 evry thing u mak 4 Islam.. nd allah will give u al jana nchallah..salem

  22. at first i didnt want to wear hijab but someday i woke up and i said i will do it i will wear hijab u know why because it came from my heart i wish all muslims to wear hijaib and to come from heart not force amin ya rab

  23. salam..thank for information. i just love ur comments! u r great! i also want to wear hijab and inshallah i will start to wear very soon..

    • walaykom Al salam Aliza

      thank you so much for your sweet words 🙂

      Inshallah, someday when you feel that your heart is ready, that your eman is strong and that nothing will stop you,
      you will wear the hijab with pride, the correct way and with great personality, loving and respecting everyone inshalah.
      That is Islam.. this is our religion and we should be proud 🙂

      May Allah help you and protect you Ameen.

  24. Hernandez4evr Says:

    hello im in 7th grade and i have a hard history class we are studying Islam and about Allah and Muhammad it is very intresting my history teacher told us to write a 5 paragraph essay and i chose to write about Why Muslim Women wear a Hijab thank you for helping me understand a lot more about the Hijab

    • Muslimah Says:

      Hello Hernandez

      you’re most welcome my dear friend 🙂
      if you have any questions its ok you can ask.. and may God help you with your studies..
      and I hope you pass your classes.. with good grades 🙂
      the most important thing in your life.. is your education.. because education will increase your knowledge and keeps your brain working 🙂
      Good luck

  25. ryan's mommy Says:

    thanx for the info…u’re giving a very great advice…ai’m speechless to read your comments 1 by 1…really sweet n soft…touched me…allow me to share ur link…

    • Salam ryan

      THank you so much for your beautiful words, I really appericiate it 🙂

      This is Islam… and this is what it taught me.. to love others no matter who they are.
      its the peace within us.. and may Allah forgive every Muslim who is practicing it in the wrong way.

      may Allah protect you Ameen

  26. you Muslim women r so lost who dont where there hijab and u r weak in the eyes of Allah may Allah guide u back to the right path first ima start by saying if its in the quran and u believe in ur quran and in Allah and believe that what Allah command for u is good then y fight against what was brought forth to u its not that all men r arose when they see beautiful women its not that we dont want u to show ur beauty it came from the one and only lord Allah and if ur a true believer then u should not have to question on why do u have to wear an hijab what Allah say that what is good for u must beileve its good for u when he has wear hajab u fight not with men but with Allah y disobey when Allah wants to guard u from most men or the creeps dogs the killer rapicst and wht ever esle that can do u harm. you hear the storys many storys of women being kidnap rape killed just because that men or preson like way she dress the way she look or because they like the way she were that mini skirt so on and so on u never hear of a a real muslim women who believe in Allah who wear there hijab being hurt harmed. its u half muslim women who make it hard for me to teach my duaghter the way of the quran and the way of the prophet SAW WHICH WAS COMMANDED BY ALLAH FOR THE RIGHTOUS TO FOLLOW MAY ALLAH GUIDE BACK U HALF BELIEVER TO THE RIGHT PATH AND TAKE THE SHATAN AWAY FROM UR SOUL CLEAR UR HEARTS WITH THE TRUTH READ UR QURAN AND KNOW THAT ALLAH LOVE WHEN HIS CREATION OBEYS HIM U MUSLIM WOMEN WHO DONT WEAR UR HIJAB R HALF MUSLIM BECAUSE U BELIEVE IN BITS AND PEICES OF THE QURAN ITS U WHO IS DISOBEYING ALLAH AND NO ONE ELSE IT IS U WHO IS DOOMING UR SELF TO THE HELL FIRE I REALLY DONT CARE IF U WEAR UR HIJAB OR NOT BUT THATS BEWTEEN U AND UR ALLAH UR DISOBEYING ALLAH AND THATS UR SIN ALONE IM’A LEAVE U SISTERS WITH THIS THINK TO UR SELF AT END WHEN UR CALL ONTO UR LORD AND HE ASK U WHY DID U NOT WEAR UR HIJAB WHICH I COMMAND FOR U TO WEAR TO KEEP U SAFE GUARDED WHAT WILL U SAY WHAT WILL U DO

  27. Shashie Says:

    OK and? wat?
    got a stronger argument. i’m tired of this i don’t have 2. allah never said that only believers do. really, he didn’t so, um, naw.
    i don’t wear it and i’m still a believer!! so lol pfu

    • Muslimah Says:

      you’re a Muslim and thanx to Allah..

      I gave you the proof and showed you that Allah ordered us to wear the hijab..
      Now its your your choice wether to believe it or not.. Allah will judge you.. not me .. not anyone else.
      Its your heart and your eman.. you do this for Allah and not for people.

      True believers seek truth.. seek knowledge! If they dont believe it or dont trust the words they read.. its their choice and life…
      and the end of time each person will be judged alone as I said.

      I appericiate your comments, thank you so much 🙂
      and may Allah protect you Ameen

  28. Shashie Says:

    ok, yes, i am, thanx 2 him and my parents guidance. i believe in being modest, yes, he ordered that of me. not 2 go showing everybody everything.
    i said this before, i’ll say it again. yes, it’s in your heart 2 wear a hijab. n if it isn’t then, oh well. 2 bad, he didn’t put that in me. n i, won’t be forced 2 wear something i’m not ready 2 wear. (not talking 2 u, talking 2 family members of certain people)

    • Muslimah Says:

      My sweet sister, dont listen to anyone.. I know that there are parents or some family members who might force you..
      but this starts within your heart, and when your eman is strong! When you get closer to God.. you will do anything for him..
      when you see that life can end any time.. you will think more about after life.. rather than this life.

      I understand that hijab might be something hateful for girls… I have been in the same situation.. but the difference that my parents actually didnt want me to wear it 🙂 nobody had forced me.. but it started from my heart..

      and inshallah someday God will put this in you 🙂 .. when you really feel it.. when inside you actually changes..

      dont forget to love everyone, be a good person, have a pure heart, respect each and every person you meet no matter what he believes.. say May Allah protect you and take you to the right path .. ! When you have all this love in your heart.. you will love Allah so muuchh.. when you do a really nice deed for someone.. you’ll smile and feel you’re close to God!

      and as I always tell you.. may Allah protect you and take you to the right path Amen 🙂

      • Shashie Says:

        thanx. at least it’s not like ur saying i have 2 now anymore. what do u mean, really do someone a good deed. i do that all the time.

      • Muslimah Says:

        You’re most welcome 🙂

        who am I.. to tell you to wear it or not my friend? 🙂
        you’re the one who should choose, you have proof, you have the Quran verses, you have a brain.. and then each person chooses his life and his after life.

        may Allah take you to the right path Ameen 🙂

  29. Shashie Says:

    yes, i will. at no point do i see cover your head. all i see is cover your adornment. really, whats so adorning about a head with hair?? just a question that u don’t have 2 trouble your self trying 2 answer. (a sarcasm question)
    i know that men have 2 be modest 2. like, duh. Allah isn’t just going 2 tell 1 people, be modest and cover your adornment. then tell other people go crazy and run wild!!!.

  30. Race2Firdaus Says:

    Salamu3alaykum Muslimah,

    I just wanted to tell you Jazakallah Khair for posting this critical piece of information from the Quran. I believe that hijab for BOTH men and women is truly a blessing from Allah SWT. Being someone living in a society where either men look at women as if they are just objects to gaze at lustfully, or simply to treat women unequally; whether its at a company or in the household. Anways, thank you so much and mashalla for the patience you had with many of the sisters who seemed really aangry out of ignorance or had questions regarding this topic. May Allah guide all the muslims Inshalla =)
    Spreading the love and patience just generates more love and patience in the world 🙂


    • Muslimah Says:

      Salam alaykom Race2Firdaus,

      I appericiate your beautiful words, it really made me smile 🙂

      .. you know.. patience is one of the beautiful things in a Muslims personality. Islam taught us to love and have patience 🙂

      may Allah protect you Ameen.

      • muhammad Says:

        Islam is the best religion of all times and i have a project to do on my beloved religion Islam and this web was very helpful. If you obey the holy book of Quran, Prophet Mohammad (saw) and most importantly the word of Allah (swt), then you will live a happy and successful life forever.

      • Muslimah Says:

        Thank you so much Muhammed
        I really appericiate it

        I hope your project turns out great Inshalah 🙂

        May Allah protect you Ameen

  31. anshumen Says:

    sorry for making you repeat arguments again…but i want you to think from my view..
    muslim girls are king of rare here..i mean those who wear the hijjab..i wasnt wearing it till now..but after i attended some programmes i felt a need to wear it..the thing is…if someone genuinly or not intrested, in what u r wearing ,comes and asks you why u r wearing a hijjab and why should you wear it in this heat and suffer…and all that…And pls do imagine this situation comes on the first day to a new school or something..and the one who asks us is kind of a rude person how should we respond…should we start the whole history of islam or should we just keep quiet and let the person torment us??
    and i m not given a reason for why women should wear hijjab,i mean a proper one.Prophet mohammed(saw)had said reason should be the root of our faith..please do satisfy me with a reason ..its a humble request from one of your sisters.

    • Muslimah Says:

      Walaykom Alsalam Anshumen,

      I really know how you feel my sister and I know that it might hurt you from inside! But ill tell you my story i dont know if you have read it! Ive always been in an English school and continued on an american university and my life was filled with things that tries to pull me backwards and follow this world, such as fashion, summer or peoples horrible words but i grew stronger and stronger! I wore the hijab when i was 16 still in school! My mum didnt used to wear the hijab and my older sister does not wear it and i was the type of girl who loved short skirts and living my life but suddenly one night while i was sleeping i dreamt as if a man was whispering in my ears saying you will die tomorrowi wokeup crying and i decided to wear my hijab the next day even though i didnt have enough knowledge about Islam! I told my father but he refused and everyone did but i insisted and i wore it and from that day i felt pressure from everywhere until i crossed it and got stronger! You know how? By My eman.. I kept on reading more and more.. Especially about Allah and his creations and asi read and understand the Quran i feel closer and closer to Him and actually get scared that im not doing what im supposed to do for my Lord! I always remember that this life is nothing but seconds and that death can come any moment.. I lost alot of people in my life and i knew they left everything behind them in this world and they took only their good deeds! I know it can be hard but deep within my heart i remember that Allah is with me coz He knows what im going through! I live in a veryyyyyy hot country where it reaches about 53 degrees or more and i can feel the heat hehe 🙂 but I remember my God and i remember the hereafter and i never care what others say coz I know that all of us will face one reality and all of us will be in the same small dark place if we like it or not!

      You should always recharge you eman my sweet sister.. It helps make you stronger! Try to read Quran, make dua to God and talk to Him ask for his help and to make you stronger with all this pressure around you, remember that life can end anytime and always remember that our Creator LOVES us.. He gave us alot and coz we Love God we should obey him.. Like obeying our parents and teachers..etc! These are humans but what do you think when its God???

      Whenever you feel down just write another comment to me and ill be close to you! Even if I dont see you Or even if you are far away.. Our religion that fills our hearts with love helps us come together 🙂

      Be strong .. Love who you are.. And be proud to be a Muslim woman!!

  32. anshumen Says:

    thanks sis…wherever you are thanks for finding tym to comment…and yeah, when time comes near and there isn’t anyone to help us from inside…it will these small details that will help us along,,,may allah bless you the way you deserve…ammen
    assalamu alaikum

  33. Asalamu Alaykum 
    Reading through this I must say I am partially happy because of the wonderful feedback from Muslimah. Your words have assisted greatly and hopefully people learn from them and teach it to others and Inshallah a chain of reward comes to you even well after you have passed away, Ameen.
    Now the reason I say “partially happy” is because on the contrary we have sisters who are making a big deal out of a simple command of God. I think its right to believe that if you are a Muslim and you want to gain God’s pleasure and receive a place in paradise you should adhere to his laws. It’s actually as simple as that. You may have your personal opinions on whether or not hijab is something necessary but your opinion will change if you fear your Lord. I am in no way imposing anything upon you. If you choose to wear it then Masha-Allah. May God bless you abundantly for that, and if you don’t then Insha Allah God will forgive you, which is also very highly likely for he is Oft Forgiving Most Merciful and we should never doubt that.
    My advice would be try to gradually get into the habit of hijab but first understand that it’s not something set forth to oppress you. God would never want to oppress His servants. We don’t understand His love for us. He doesn’t want you to wear scarf so that you stick out and look odd, He doesn’t want you to fast so that you starve and go through pain, He doesn’t want you to bow to Him five times a day so that your forehead hurts. Everything He tells you to do is for your own benefit. You are a Muslim and you have been chosen by God to enter paradise, but before He grants you that eternal happiness He gives you a small test comprising of around 60-80 years of leading a pure lifestyle. You may think it is a lot but try to compare 80 years to eternity. It’s far less than a second in a year. It’s extremely temporary and the reward is of awesome magnitude beyond imagination. Sacrificing certain things shouldn’t be difficult when you know the reward. For some blessed sisters it is not even a sacrifice, it’s something they have fallen in love with. They just love the feeling of dignity and self respect and they truly understand that they are precious gifts to their husbands. A gift wrapped in beautiful cloth that only their husbands may access. It is exclusively for their life partners. Even if you look at it like this, as in outside of Religious conduct, it surely is a spectacle of intense intimacy. It is a level where only her husband may enjoy her beauty. Think about it.
    You should always remember that as a Muslim your sole purpose in this temporal realm is to advance spiritually. You may enjoy the pleasures of this world too, nobody says you can’t, but do it in accordance to God’s laws and make sure you respect bounds and stay within the pole of Islam. It’s not difficult if you really have the goal to reach a point where when you die you hear the most comforting words you could ever hear… Imagine on the Day of Judgment when we all run around full of shame, fear and confusion, lost, not knowing where to turn, and not knowing where you might end up… Then all of a sudden a beautiful blanket of hope and love covers you as you hear God saying “My beloved servant, I am pleased with you”.
    I’m sure everybody wants to hear those words. The time to make sure you hear those words start now. Do whatever it takes to hear them, in this case, because of the topic at hand, its wearing a scarf, start with that. Nobody, not even the accursed Satan can stop you. You are a Muslim, you are from the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), You are equipped with His (s.a.w) duas, when He (s.a.w) went on Miraj he (s.a.w) passed through the heavens in all its splendor and when he arrived at just a bow’s length from the Almighty Himself he could of made dua for ANYTHING but he made dua for us! We are that blessed.
    Appreciate where we stand in every way possible, we are so lucky, seriously, we are very very very lucky to be Muslim. Why are people arguing about things like wearing a scarf? Why are MUSLIMS arguing about it? I don’t want to sound mean or hurt anybody but this is not due to lack of knowledge, I am sure we know the laws. What this is is actually Ignorance. We losing feeling and love in our hearts slowly, myself included, and I pray to Allah that we find our way and manage to push through the Modern world comfortably.
    Wasalatu wasalaam ala Rasulillah s.a.w
    May Allah keep us strong through our times of weakness.
    May Allah hold us close to each other in unity.
    May Allah fill our hearts with understanding.

    • Salam HZF

      I really appericiate your comment.. Thank you so much and may Allah protect you and grant you Paradise Ameen

  34. Muslim Girl Says:

    Q. But aren’t there Muslim women who do not wear Islamic Dress, or hijab?

    A: Some Muslim women choose not to wear hijab. Some may want to wear it
    but believe they cannot get a job wearing a head scarf. Others may not
    be aware of the requirement or are under the mistaken impression that
    wearing hijab is an indication of inferior status.

  35. Muslim Girl Says:

    There is hadith stating that whoever doesn’t wear hijab, all her hair that were shown will burn in the fire if Hell. May Allah(supantawaallah) save us from thes punishments.

  36. may alla protect all of us

  37. HZF_FRD and Muslimah,


    You both have touched my heart in your knowledge, dedication, and understanding and especially the love you have for Allah. You have literally brought me to tears.

    Growing up I never was told or forced to wear the hijab and when I a married a revert he helped me see how important it was for us men and women to obey Allah ‘s(swt) commandments. He gave us a gift, the Quran. So why not seek knowledge from it and pass it on.

    It’s taken me about four years to wear the hijab and feeling comfortable wearing it. I did it gradually and I am not at all giving advice to wear it gradually but just telling you my story. Because of this blog it has made me realize even more why we should do what Allah(swt) asked us to.

    I have two kids and I look at like this. I have so much love for them and want nothing but the best for them and I need to be the example for them. And where I get my examples are from Allah (swt). He has given us the beautiful Quran, guidence we require to live a happy and healthy life. Of course, it is never perfect hence why we are here being tested. And there will be rewards or punishment according to our deeds whether it be good or bad. It is the same thing with my kids…they don’t follow rules there is punishment or if they do good they get rewarded. One thing is I will never stop loving them and will forgive them if they wanted to be forgiven. I am not sure if I am making any sense as it is almost 4 am on the 27th night of Ramadan and I am tired. However, what I am trying say to Muslim women out there you will do it for Allah(swt) once you obtain the knowledge through his book, Quran. So if you are not wearing the hijab yet you’ll see Inshallah you will once you read with a pure heart. When I think about Allah it makes me cry….nothing or no one means this much to me. Allah is the one who gives life and takes it away and will give the eternal in the hereafter. I am not saying I do every thing he asks of us but I am trying.

    This is not on the topic of discussion but hope we can start a blog some day on the issue of usuary (interest). It is a very important topic where I feel a lot of Muslims disregard. Especially for those who live in countries wrapped up in interest.

    Thanks sisters and may Allah (swt) guide us all.

    ABT– CA

    • Salam Abt

      Your words brought tears to my eyes too .. May Allah give you patience through this life that is filled with fitna!
      Im the same my sister.. Im not perfect.. And im trying my best to do everything that Allah ordered us to do.. Life is hard.. Filled with things that tries to pull us back and away from Allah! But we need to have faith in Him.. We should always recharge our eman and keep Allah in our hearts and mind!

      May Allah protect you and your kids… Ameen

  38. Hey Guys! I need your help.
    I am fro Afghanistan and i will go to USA Inshallah.
    I am going to wear scarf, but I have to know why i am wearing scarf. why Allah let men to do everything, but he did not let women to do?
    In which Sorah of Quran karim talked about hijab of women??
    Plz Guide me in this ways.
    I love you guys.
    Best Regards- B Aishah A.

  39. hey sisters

  40. reverted to islam Says:

    Subhanallah some ignorant girls. There’s proof , EVIDENCE to show you have to observe hijaab. Yet you make such nasty comments, and arrogant comments of how you don’t like hijaab, hahaa, I’m a new muslim, and hijaab is my life now. Seriously, some of use need to research before you type, I feel disgusted by you. Sorry to sound harsh but your attitude towards hijaab is ridiculous

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