Soccer players converted to Islam

Franck ribery

Zinedine zidane

Robin van persie

Yaya toure
Zlatan ibrahimovic

Fredi Kanoute


Mehmet scholl

Ibrahim affelay

Hamit altintop

Nicolas Anelka



53 Responses to “Soccer players converted to Islam”

  1. good..!! i like this..

  2. james griffin Says:

    Most of these footballers are known to have dodgy temperaments, and most of them are no strangers to controversy…..
    so it’s not suprising they’ve become muslims!

  3. what you mean? can you clarify in what your trying to say?

  4. Free-speaker Says:

    whats the proof??? post some references.

  5. the source was lost when the cpu was formatted. when found, we will put the source..

  6. all christians that invert will go to hell

  7. who said that robin van persieis inverted

  8. where does it say in the bible that convert christians go to hell? It is widely emphasized that Van Persie converted to Islam but there is no source that claims this.

  9. Allah is the greatest!!!!!!!!! oh! allah! move to the straight path to all unbelievers !

  10. Altintop, Affellay, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Zidane were born as Muslims, not converted

  11. Ibrahim auyo Says:

    You sick minded griffin what do you mean by saying they have hot temperaments dats why they convert. If you need reason for their conversion here it is. They have seen the light and cant live in d dark any more. You too can do it just go over your heart.

  12. Random dude Says:

    Dunno what u all sayin if they became muslim then good for them coz its a good faith and is not a terroist faith just coz some dumb idiots think off blowin up the twin towers dnt mean that all of the billion or so muslims are frickin terroists so all of yah can shut up exept the muslim and also any ppl that respect the faith 🙂

  13. Fatima Gonzalez-van den Broek Says:

    Some of those players where born as Muslims..

  14. You forgot nicolas anelka,

  15. Islame ……..Isame….All People on the World Converted to Islame Why?
    cuz it’s the instinct it’s the Truth it is the Light……..and Just People who Allah Want to Make them be Muslims Will Be………
    Ask a monk even about ur Bible Book That is not SAVED Like Our Quraan and it’s not The real Bible Which we as Muslims believein it …..Try to Read Quraan once in your Life and see the Difference ………

  16. Naveed (xenon) Says:

    Samir Nasri, Abou Diaby, and Nicholas Anelka….these guyz are Muslims too….

  17. Muslimah Says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  18. zidane , yaya toure , ibrahimovic , altintop , affelay
    are already muslims and not converted .

  19. jesus is only god the son of god.he is the only one who came to this earth for our sin

    • hamba Allah Says:

      Jesus in other meaning is Nabi Isa. He is NOT the SON OF GOD but a MIRACLE from GOD for MARYAM (MARY). Nabi Isa came into this world NOT BECAUSE of SIN COMMITTED but a BLESSING FROM ALLAH. Read Al-Quran if you had time. Bible should have this fact too but nowadays bible has been far away from the truth!

  20. Hello Jims

    You don’t have to talk badly to other people about their believes. You can send your message with a respectful manner. we love Jesus too, because he is our prophet.

    As Muslims, we respect Jesus as much as you do. However, if he was the son of God.. that means God is human too? can a human create this universe? let’s think logically now… if Jesus was God’s son.. why would God let his only son die? why did he send his son and not himself?

    Jesus was sent by God for the people, so they would understand the truth and to walk on the right path. Jesus is just a human that ( GOD ) created, to be our prophet and our guidence. “Exactly” like Moses and Mohammed.

    Jeses, Moses and Mohmmed are all prophets. May Allah grant us paradise in the hereafter with our beloved prophets Ameen.

    and May Allah guide you to the right path Ameen.

  21. hearty welcome to islam,ASSALAMU ALAIKUM

  22. JESUS GOD Says:


    • Salam,

      You don’t have to use Caps for us to understand your message my friend.

      Don’t judge a religion by other’s bad actions, and those people you’re calling ‘ terrorists’ are a minority in the Muslim community. There are billions of Muslims around the world and those terrorists are ruining the name of Islam. They don’t represent “ISLAM”. Always remember that terrorisim has NO religion.

      However, before hurting anyone’s feelings and getting false misconceptions, educate yourself and read more about Islam and you will know that Islam will always be the religion of peace and love. The word “Islam” means in Arabic “Peace” and it always taught us to respect others no matter who they were, no matter what race, nationality or religion they came from .. and especially it taught us to forgive those who disrespects us.

      There’s alot of non- Muslims out there that are murders and terrorists also, yet the media is a good way to brainwash people’s minds and create an image of (ISLAM BEING THE TErrOrISTS).

      educate yourself my friend and soon you will know that the truth is right infront of you and you were blind to see.
      one more thing ( We love Jesus, and if there was any Muslim who hates Jesus he’s not a Muslim.. because in Islam Jesus is a prophet)

      • hamba Allah Says:

        you are do true right there my friend. Terrorists had definitely ruined the term “muslim”. believe me a TRUE MUSLIM do not and will not do such things i.e. killing innocent people. We muslims respect other people with other religions…doesnt matter if the others are jewish,christians, buddhism etc2…so dont judge us, muslims, just because of the terrorists..

    • you mr. jesus you know nothing . i think you are like a Frog in a don’t know what is islam?what is muslim?what is terrorists. Actually the christians are the terrorists.They are trying to destroy the islam with the help of power.We have somany example befrore us as Iraq,Afghanistan,palastine,somalia…..
      I think you will have cmprehended the idea.I challenge you that your bible is supporting peace brotherhood and harmony but you are working agaist these please take care when you attack anybody with words and respect all religion as you believe in

    • islam is the best

  23. Mashallah the islam has an answer to each question. People who want to know the truth, the Quran says IQRA (read)..forget the suicide bombings and terrorist stories and save your life .. read and believe

  24. Hey, I just wanted to say what a great website. I totally enjoyed it and found it fascinating reading. Awaiting your next post!

  25. maansha allah good muslimah ukhtii you give him a lesson this guy he is an ideologist he forget bush and israel are terroris but isllman is religion of peace

  26. azooooooooooooooooozi Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw proud my religion muslim for ever

  27. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gooooooood

  28. Wajahat Ali Says:

    @ Muslimah
    i really loved the way u described the ISLAM in just few lines… May u live long sis… Amin

  29. Wajahat Ali Says:

    i hope it will help ppl a bit to clear out misconceptions about ISLAM…

  30. these news makes happy but worthless without authentication for us and for them ……….

  31. The religion of Islam is agood so that. Yu know the infidles. Are exadas as tough to sell our brother’s § becouse. Yu can see the holy cite’s like madina.falastin. sau’di Arabia what do the have now. The matter not good becouse. Muslim’s they are looking their eyes. So ALLAH give us peace § stabilaty ok. Thanks. You have give me the best apartunity who to defend our muslims so thanks allot

  32. Hi everyone,

    I play football and Im born as a Muslim.
    can anyone tell me, if football is really bad according to our religon? And is Islam against sport?

  33. No Islam is not agaist the sports.But we have to adhere the strict moral rules of islam.we will have taken care to hide our (aurath)and never expose it.Islam never rejct sports.we can see several examples from hadees that Umar(r) encourages the muslim to be couragios and mighty and even the holy Quran too.

  34. Van persie is not Muslim, he is atheist. He said so in an interview here:

    towards the end he talks about not converting

  35. Only Al-quran can answers for all ur question..obviously christian always became an enemy for muslim 4ever..u can read Al-quran for the real.

  36. Tell me one Muslim soccer player who converted to Christianity. If you don’t have any, then you already have the answer.

  37. sa muslimah you are true but marry those who are ahlekitab womens.

  38. siraj ul muneer Says:

    islam is the only religion of peace and love, allah is great and mohammed (s/a) his prophet our beleiving in this truth, i am loving my religion more than anything in this world

  39. How wil some body that is already a muslim convert to islam.Some people are mad, their stories has no source.

  40. ahmed umar zanzan Says:

    islam is the religion of peace

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