We’re EQUAL!

People from across the world came here for the same reason to do their hajj. There are varieties of people over here; Black, white, Chinese, Asiaian, European and many more, from all countries. People that come to do their hajj, No matter how rich and how powerful they are in their country, in here they are all equal because they came here for the same purpose as the slave of ALLAH SWT. No matter if you’re rich or poor, black or white, everyone is equal in Hajj, Subhan Allah. It is really an amazing scene to be witnessed!!


4 Responses to “We’re EQUAL!”

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  2. assalamu a’laykum , my muslim brothers and sisters, may Allah bless u,please don’t 4get your muslim brothers who are in prisons being tortured by the kafirins(our enemy & the enemy ofAllah) remember thhem in prayers INSHAALLAH.

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