When is YOUR TIME???


In each human being their is a count down clock inside them. A clock which starts to tick as soon as they are born. The clock also has an alarm, for some the time between the first tick at birth and the alarm is a long distance away, for others its not. But the important question that really is what each individual has achieved in their allocated time spent on earth and whether those actions can benefit them in the life in the hereafter!!!!!


2 Responses to “When is YOUR TIME???”

  1. The New Muslim Says:

    There is no such thing as a “countdown clock” in islam. It is known that Allah has written for each of his slaves a date and time in his book. And the ink is the book has long dried up. So in reality, the clock does not begin at birth, but it is written way before your parents even know of you (i.e. before your concieved)!

  2. slave of allah Says:

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!! i too feel there is a clock in me and also a concious to guide me .

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