Beautiful Mosques from around the world













37 Responses to “Beautiful Mosques from around the world”

  1. Lovely pix, mashallah.

    I wish I can pray in all of them, esp. the turkey mosque 🙂

    nice post 🙂

  2. e’selam alejkum very very very beutiful MOSQUE mashallahh

  3. muslim for peace Says:

    Proud to be a MUSLIM

  4. 🙂 alhamdulelah

  5. Dr Mushtaq Says:

    Assalamu Aalykum All, Beautiful and attractive Mosques, i pray to Allah give me the strength to offer prayers in all of these especially Masjid-e-Nabwi Sallalah-o-Alihi Wasalm.

  6. Muslimah Says:

    Ameen, and may Allah take you to the right path!


  8. Mashallah,very good pictures which I have never seen before in my life.

  9. subhanallah. how beautiful islam is..

  10. Can you post more great mosques… This post is great!!!

  11. Inshallah i will

  12. WOW wat beautiful mosques they r mashallah!im GOBSMACKED

  13. subhanallah. how beautiful islam is..

  14. proud to be a muslim

  15. we wish to pray in them mosques they are beautiful mosques mashallah

  16. perne-is brunei mosque name= jame asr hassanil bolkiah
    brueni-actually another brunei mosque name = Sultan omarali saifuddien mosque

  17. Pr0uD 2B Mu$liM Says:

    Allhamdulillah very beautiful mosques and like the other Muslim brothers and sisters i hope i will see them in my lifetime Insha Allah

  18. DON IN DALLAS Says:

    God does not live in Mosques, Temples, Synagogues or Churches. He lives in the “Hearts of Men”

    Would we be better off spending the money telling of his LOVE for us
    and our Love for each other which is his will ?

    Don in Dallas

  19. Ofcourse God is in the heart. But these Mosques are the place for Muslims to gather and pray for God. To thank him for what he gave us, to help us in this life, etc.

    We pray 5 times a day, and when its call for prayer some can go pray in a Mosque or pray at home or wherever they are. It has to be a clean area to preform prayer.

    Yes God can see us and he can hear us. He created us and so we have to obey him and follow what he told us to do.

  20. DANISH KHAN Says:

    Please pray the Inshallah every muslim gets a chance to pray in each and every mosque of the world.Ameen.

  21. where iran mosque???!!!

  22. Cityboy Says:

    One people one planet

  23. fatiimaa & saraah Says:

    these are the most beautiiful
    mosquez i have ever seen

  24. Very Nice Photography ….. Thankx …..

  25. Just need to clarify..the Italy photo is not a Mosque….its called Dumo & its in Florence….pls..its not a Masjid…

  26. Salam Sajid

    thank you for giving us this imformation 🙂
    It will be edited soon.

    May Allah protect you Ameen

  27. May ALLAH bless them who were the part of there construction and ALLAH may give me aslo as strenght to construct such mosques

  28. alhamdolillah, allah sabko apna ghar dikhaye

  29. sheik of islam Says:

    mashalla beautiful pic love them all esp the kenya on

  30. I like a lot thise mosque,I LIKE to draw them ,I hope . THE moque ine KENYA IS the best I think.

  31. Mashallah these are beatiful pics but there is a mistake on the 1st pic… It is in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago…

  32. Masha allah these mosques are beautiful
    thank allah for all these stuff he gave us

  33. These are realy beautiful Mosques in the world…. GOD made this world very beautiful

  34. Shahrukh Shaikh Says:

    massha allah what a beauty……i am proud to be a muslim for ever and ever…… i luv to visit these mosques but insha allah i will try….

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