Jew Why a Jew can grow his beard in order to practice his faith

But when Muslim does the same, he is an extremist and terrorist!Muslim

NunWhy a nun can be covered from head to toe in order to devote herself to God

But when Muslimah does the same she’s oppressedHijab
Western WomenWhen a western women stays at home to look after her house and kids she is respected because of sacrificing herself and doing good for the household?

Muslim Women But when a Muslim woman does so by her will, they say, “she needs to be liberated”!AnythingAny girl can go to university wearing what she wills and have her rights and freedom?
But when Muslimah wears a Hijab they prevent her from entering her university!

When a Christian or a Jew kills someone religion is not mentioned, but when Muslim is charged with a crime, it is Islam that goes to trial!Questionfiltered=HeroWhen someone sacrfices himself to keep others alive, he is noble and all respect him.

But when a Palestinian does that to save his son from being killed, his brother’s arm being broken, his mother being raped, his home being destroyed, and his mosque being violated — He gets the title of a terrorist! Why? Because he is a Muslim!Terrorist
CarWhen someone drives a perfect car in a bad way no one blames the car.

But when any Muslim makes a mistake or treats people in a bad manner – people say “Islam is the reason”!Islam
NewspapersWithout looking to the tradition of Islam, people believe what the newspapers say.

But question what the Quran says!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!Quran 


19 Responses to “EVER WONDER WHY???”

  1. Okay, for starters, Jews, Christians, etc., don’t publicly behead or execute innocent people shouting ‘In the name of Allah!’. This kind of gives Islam a bad name, particularly as they tend to be beheading Christians…As most of these terrorists are Moslem men (and sometimes children to boot), with long beards and turbans, the rest of the world sort of stereotypes them. Although I do understand that the individals that undertake these atrocities are a minority.

    The nun chooses to cover her head, in a society were this practice is not the norm, however, the nun is free to remove it whenever she pleases, the choice is hers, not that of the lawmakers of her country. In countries such as Iran, where women MUST wear headscarves regardless of religion or personal preference, this is not a choice, this is an enforced law, hence the perception, which to some extent is true, that they are oppressed. Being half-Iranian myself and having a Moslem father, I am in a position to comment on this.

    Your comparison between a ‘hero’ who sacrifices himself for others and a terrorist is flawed. A hero, such as superman in your example, sacrifices himself lawfully, without bringing undue harm to innocents. A palestinian man who car bombs a busy Israili street for revenge is a criminal. The fact that he was wronged, does not mean he should take the law into his own hands. blowing up innocent women and children in the name of a good cause is not the actions of a hero, they are the actions of a murderer. The title of terrorist is rightly given in this instance.

    A woman who chooses to stay at home to care for her children and look after the household should be respected, no matter what country she is from. However, in countries like Afghanistan, under Taliban rule, where women were not allowed to work or go to school, this is not a choice, its an oppressive regime. The women didn’t choose to stay at home, they were made to do it, hence the need for liberisation.

    The reason Westerners believe the newspapers over the Quaran is because they are unfamiliar with the Quaran as the predominant religion is Christianity. If asked which they believe in more: The Holy Bible or the newspapers, they would state the Bible every time. I’m sure people in the Middle East would believe the propaganda spread on television and their newspapers more than the tradition of the Holy Bible too. This is a cultural issue and not a discriminatory one.

    The part about being discriminated against for wearing headscarfs, I completely agree with. People should have the freedom to wear and believe whatever they want to and being barred from an education because of a choice of dress is not right.

    • I get what you are saying but what have you have just described is the fault of the society and not the religion itself. I am one of those people who are actually against suicide bombers. I think suicide in general is wrong. There are many positive and calculated ways to actually make a difference in a country. Those suicide bombers have been doing their deed since forever and nothing has changed!!

      As for women being oppressed and forced to wear a veil, again you are right this really happens in some countries, but again this is not Islam. I will tell you few facts about women in Islam that mind actually come as a surprise to you and many Muslim men as well. Do you know that women are not obligated whatsoever to serve their husbands. Cooking, cleaning, washing, etc….. all of this is not required of a woman and if she does any of that then she is doing something extra to her husband. Actually if her husband can afford to bring her a maid then he should. A woman should be cherished at her house, treated like a princess and if they are poor and she has to do everything herself then her husband should appreciate it. Also a man cannot force his wife to wear a veil. Concerning veil, the reason why women are supposed to wear in Islam is to preserve their dignity and status and not the other way around. Islam actually doesn’t want women to be treated like moving bodies that are used and looked at as a product.

  2. first of all, salam a’alykom,

    I agree with what you say about Iran and Afghanistan, but am sorry to say that all what’s happening over there is part of their traditions and laws, as if you’re blaming “Islam” on what’s happening in Iran, like forcing women to wear hijab, (its a law over there which is NOT found for example in our country). It does’nt say anywhere in the Qura’an to force women to wear hijab or to make them stay home like what’s happening in Afghanistan so you can’t judge some people on how a good or bad a religion is!

    What they’re doing over there can never represent Islam but its lack of knowledge! and thats only two examples around the world, Muslims are everywhere not only in the middle east or Asia but they’re found in America, Canada, Australia.. everywhere! don’t judge a religion according to the country because each country has their own culture! Like Iran is a Shii’at group so they have their own thoughts about Islam!

    About these Muslim terrorists you were talking about, as you called them “Muslims”.. In Islam we don’t call them Muslims but sinners because they are destroying our reputation and killing in the name of Islam! If you read about jihad in the Qura’an it does not say (go find a Christian and kill him).. We tend to protect our land from enemies thats all, if they invade our country we protect it! but not go bomb others which also considered as (lack of knowledge)! and there are “NON-MUSLIM” terrorists out there..ALOT.. but they are not mentioned as much as Muslims! Its all a game in politics!

    When you read the Qur’an you’ll find the answers from there and you will know its a peaceful religion! only because a small portion of people that call themselves Muslims are killing others, does not mean they represent these billions and billions of Muslims in the world! Not all Christians represent their religion too, there are the good and the bad! Our religion teaches us to walk on the right path so we can’t blame people’s actions by their religion!

    I really respect all the things you said, but after all “Islam” is being the criminal now adays, and people are not reading to know the truth but they only believe what others say or what has been said on the news! and yes you are right, they’re unfamiliar with the Qura’an, .. they have to read it rather than disrespecting Muslims! 🙂

    May Allah forgive everyone no matter what his religion is! and forgive all the people that talked badly about Islam before knowing what this religion is all about! because there are alot of Muslims that are looking for peace and others are ruining this wonderful religion! The truth is not with me or other Muslims, but its out there infront of everyone, and its their choice if they want to believe or not

    Thank you my brother for your comment and May Allah show you the right path! 🙂

  3. in australia its not that bad im catholic and i respect muslims for there practices and beliefs infact if you think about it arn’t you the one going over the top saying all this, infact arn’t you the one being discriminative saying that all westerner’s do this, i think your going over the top im sick of people like you not just muslims westerner’s to just get over it, your the ones who start wars because your the kind of people that think that way in all religions and cultures

  4. Muslimah Says:

    Salam ‘ mr x ‘

    can you specify the people you are talking about? If it comes to Muslims, Islam never teaches people to go to war for no reason. Its a religion of love and respect no matter who you are.

  5. i dont care wot u ppl say…how can u blame ppl 4 sayin ‘its islam’ wen da majority of da terrorists r muslims!!! wot reason has ppl lke osama bin laden or saddam hussein to kill 1000’s of ppl!!?? u say islam a religion of peace and love? i dont think so!! it even says in da quaran ‘give a non muslim person a choice to be muslim and if they say no move them out of your way (kill them)’ so is there any explanation for that!!?? i do agree not all muslim ppl r lke dat..i ave great frends hu r muslims and they live good lives!! so y cant all the other muslims!! my mother worked in saudi arabia and it is the law to wear the hijab!!!

    • Shoayb Nasser Says:

      You are being extremely close minded when you say this. George Bush is a devout christian, does that mean that the thousands of people he killed were not killed for religion? or Hitler, he was also considered christian, that doesn’t make all Christians terrorists. In Israel, they’ve killed millions of Palestinians over the years, taken all they have, demolished their homes, killed their families, raped their women. Does that men all Jews are terrorists, no! Read the main post and understand what its saying. There’s a generalization being made. anytime its a Muslim person, they blame religion, not the person. It’s the individuals who do these things that are at fault, not religion. If it were based on religion, then I think Christianity would be the leading group of “terrorists.” America for some odd reason considers itself a christian nation, though it shouldn’t according to our constitution. And as we all know America causes, starts, and implements the most amount of warfare over any country out there. The entire American economy depends on war. Over the last 100+ yrs, there has not been a single time when We have not been at war with someone. Then before that you had the English who ruled, they ruled with their oppressive religious beliefs and enforced them, and if people didn’t follow, they were killed. So please enlighten me as to where the logic in your argument is? Because I can honestly say that i see none. All you are is a brainwashed, ill programed individual without a sense of understanding for religion or politics all together. Do not let your false emotions gain control over you, think with your mind, logic is always the answer, when you allow emotion to interrupt your train of thought, you cloud your judgment and made ill-mannered comments that tend to be quite irrational. hence the term…. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

  6. Shoayb Nasser Says:

    I would first like to say that, I am not a person that is tied to any faith. I was born and raised Muslim, however, I have left the concept of religion entirely behind.
    I agree with everything written on the post, Most people, NOT all people, but most, do generalize Islam as a religion of hatred, violence, and oppression. The only reason for this however, is of course the media. If an individual is too blind to open their eyes and observe, read, listen, and research for themselves, then they are not individuals who can be reasoned with. they are simply too ignorant to communicate with. Again, this is not the whole population, but a great majority that i have encountered. I live in Texas, and I have been many other places around the world as well. When I am in my own hometown, I do get treated quite disrespectfully. Not because I am a bad person, I can say I’ve never done anything to intentionally harm someone. But because I am a brown male with a beard I am discriminated against. There are certainly people who look passed my appearance, but those people are a minority.

    In regard to the comments made about Afghanistan and Iran, I couldn’t agree more, being familiar with the Qur’an, I know for certain that it does say, There is NO compulsion in religion. So to force one to act within their own false interpretation of the book is immoral. But that is not Islam, That is population control. The same way the American media controls the people in a different way. They instill images in your mind of how a person is supposed to be, how a woman is supposed to look, the concept of nerds and jocks, the idea of a perfect life, the wealth and the fame, the bad guy and the good guy. if you are able to picture any image in your mind while reading that, then you also, have become a victim to governmental media control. There is no perfect person, there is no perfect lifestyle. each individual has their own path and their own way of doing things, and their own ways to gain pleasure and satisfaction out of life. To assume that all people want the same thing is preposterous. Just as it is to assume that all people of one faith believe in the same ideals, or that all people living in a certain region of the world all make the same generalizations.

    Everything in this world and everything within the human mind is a variable. The only thing that is 100% certain, is that as humans, the only thing we need to survive is food and water. Without those 2 things, we would die.

    Now as for the first comment made on the page, the beheading of those individuals, an act condemned by all Muslims, is only a view expressed by a very mislead group of people. Those particular individuals are people from a group of Islam which all other groups of Islam disprove of. They themselves have taken it upon themselves to “cleanse” the world, that is sick, sad, and atrocious. I hope that you understand that is not an Islamic view WHATSOEVER. I am not a religious person at all, but i do research everything on my own from both biased and unbiased sources. also, to add a point, the Iranian government is now the worlds leader in executions. though they claim to be religious executions, there is nothing religious about it. no person should ever be put to death for any crime. In the Qur’an it says that no sin is unforgivable.

    Now my conclusion and solution on issues pertaining to world politics, religions, racism, murder, molestation, War, and all other topics which lead to negative results. Most of us are taught as children that we should respect others equally, but as we grow up, certain images get put in our mind by our parents, our teachers, out government, our television, that shift our train of thought, and put us into a completely different state of being. we allow our minds to be taken over by others instead of developing on their own. While we all dream and preach a perfect world, though we think we are on the right path, we still judge people, we criticize, we hate. and a lot of the time, it’s unintentional, it’s subliminal, But these are the things that we need to rid ourselves of the most. Forget about religion, forget race, forget ethnicity, culture, language, tradition, forget body type, forget social status, forget education, forget it all. Look upon everyone for what we really are, HUMANS. After all, we are all the same species, stick together and act like it. stop separating ourselves from each other by finding more and more insignificant details to discriminate against. All of the worlds problems can be resolved by one simple phrase, a phrase that many of us were taught as kids, but tend to eliminate from our conscious a little too early in life. I leave you all with these last words of simple wisdom.

  7. Muslimah Says:

    Salam Alykom ” **”

    Can you say that all people are the same?? Are all Christians the same? of course not !

    Not all Muslims are the same too, there are Muslims by name and they do not practice their religion correctly! According to the terrorists you mentioned, we don’t see them as Muslims but sinners and we believe that they are ruining our reputation. There are billions of Muslims around the world and Muslims are not only “Arabs”. However, those terrorists are a very small group that is killing in the name of Islam and we don’t see them as Muslims. Our religion never taught us to hate others!

    Yet, media are making the word “terrorism” to “Islam”, and as we all know that media is a big influence on the people. However, not only Muslims are terrorists, but there are a lot of groups with other religions that kill innocent people too but they are not mentioned on “MEDIA”. Do you think the Jewish Army in Palestine are not called terrorists because of what they are doing to innocent Palestinian children?? Even though not all Palestinians are Muslims!!!!!

    About Saudi Arabia forcing to wear hijab, well its their law and you can’t change a country’s law right? Yet, here in my country Kuwait, you have the freedom to wear it or not, and Saudia Arabia is right next to us. There are laws found everywhere, go check them out and they may seem really strange too, like a man can’t wear a skirt in Italy because its against the law, can you imagine? In China, Persons may only bear one child or risk paying a substantial fine.

    If people keep on talking about hijab, they have to understand its something that is found also in Christianity and Judaism so I’m not exactly sure why is it a big deal when its found in part of other religions too?

    Don’t let media and politics play around with your mind. We are humans after all and we should not hate one another just because of what we see and hear. If you educate yourself about other religions and read about Islam, you will understand that everything you see on the news is just people hating each other. I don’t blame you of how you think but I will still say that Islam is a religion of peace and love because that’s what we learned from this religion and no matter what you say we still respect your opinion.

    Don’t Judge a religion because of other peoples bad actions!!

  8. Muslimah Says:

    Salam Alykom Shoayb,

    Thank you so much for this well-written comment. I respect every word you mentioned and may Allah take you to the right path Ameen.

  9. jaber al-mulla Says:

    my mother is a christian woman. And my father is a muslim. I have been to church and the mosque for many years, i have noticed that there are not many differences between the religiom: the only difference is the way they pray. We worship the same god 🙂

  10. Muslimah Says:

    Thats true, I agree,

    But there is a major difference between Islam and Christianity, is making God a partner with Jesus which is forbidden! Thats because God is one, and Jesus is not his son but a creation of God, a prophet!

    To some Christians, Jesus is God but how can God die? If people think with their minds regardless of any Holy book, how can the son of God or God himself die? Then who created us? who takes our soul?

    If Jesus is human, that means his “father” which God, is human too? How can a human create this world? Lets not go deep into science fiction and think clearly. No one saw Allah, and he sent the prophets to aware people to follow Islam and to walk to the right path.

    We love Jesus too, because in Islam he’s a prophet like Moses, and Mohammed (S.A.W). All of them are prophets that God sent for mankind and atleast we should believe that Allah is one and he has “NO” partners.

    As mentioned in Qura’an,

    “Say: He is Allah the One and Only; (1) Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; (2) He begetteth, not nor is He begotten; (3) And there is none like unto Him. (4)” (Surah 112)

    That shows clearly that God is one, and God created us and created this universe and someday he will create judgement day.

    May Allah protect you all Ameen.

    • salaam Bob,

      Sorry for editing your comment even though I respect everyone’s point of view, however your words were too harsh.

      I did not talk disrespectfully about you and I would appreciate it if you did the same.

      Thank you
      May God take you to the right path Ameen.

  11. takbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer, allahu akbar.

  12. Hi Muslimah, can i begin by saying that your gracious and patient replies do you and Islam credit.
    As a Christian I feel the need to respond to some things you have said. Christians believe God has revealed Himself in 3 forms: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You are right in saying this “partnership” is forbidden but that is from an Islam context. What we believe is that the three are one and so we follow the One true God as well. Jesus was not just a prophet.
    On Jesus’ death: throughout history forgiveness of sin has come through a blood sacrifice. Jesus was called Emmanuel which means God with us. We believe that God became flesh (fully man and fully God) with the explicit purpose to die. He became the blood sacrifice to end all blood sacrifces.
    The confusion about what happened after his death was dealt with in his resurrection and appearance to the disciples.
    Your logic regarding the Father is flawed: God created humans. Jesus was human but this in no way means that the Father therefore must be human. This is God we’re talking about so I must respectfully disagree.
    You claim to love Jesus too but I have my doubts. If you love him you would be aware of the things he said that are recorded in the gospels. I know Christians tend to quote Scripture a lot to Muslims and I don’t want to quote them parrot-like but Jesus himself made such claims as to be the Son of God. And in regard to Allah leading us on the right path- Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me.”
    This doesn’t sound compatible with Islam but I personally know Muslim people who follow Jesus for who he is- the Son of God. TI have met Muslim people to whom he has appeared and said such things. These people still call themselves Muslims but are finding a way to follow Jesus in an Islamic context. What do you think? Are there compatibilities when viewed this way?

    • Muslimah Says:

      Salam Greg,

      sorry I took so long to reply, I was busy lately.

      I really appreciate every word you have said and I respect who you are and what you believe.

      Lets take it step by step. I understand you have your doubts and opinion…. and with a kind heart I accept what you say.

      In Islam there are groups/sects, like how there is in Christianity ( Catholics/ Orthodoxs). Each sect has his own belief, which differ somehow. There are also alot of Muslims who are Muslims by name and doesnt have the knowledge neither do they practice Islam. There are also people in Christianity who don’t practice their religion correctly, this is found everywhere and in every religion.

      As a Muslim, I LOVE JESUS, he’s our prophet exactly like Noah, Mohammed, Moses,etc All these people were our prophets and God chose them to be his messengers on earth, for us to go on to the right path and know the truth.
      Mohammed was his last messenger!! and Jesus didnt die, he wasn’t crucified, this man was a person who looked like him only!

      I know people would like to use their minds and talk logically and knowledgably.
      Whats the difference between us and Jesus? We’re both humans, but wats different is that he has miracles that are also stated in the Quran ( you can ask for the verses if you like). Yet we do not have miracles because we are normal humans. That’s because God has chose Jesus to have these mircles and other prophets like Moses,etc.

      God has created us, created this universe, created humans, nature,etc everything we see has a creator, such as a table, this table has a creator and this creator does not look like his creation! Exactly like how Jesus is a human that has a creator .. that gave him those miracles, like how we put some good options in a car. I’m just making it easy for you to understand what im trying to say.

      Jesus has no father and Mary gave birth by Gods will. ( That doesnt mean God is the father) true?

      These Muslims you have met might lack knowledge or maybe they dont read. If you need any verse, Im here to answer you. 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment.
      May Allah take you to the right path Ameen.

  13. salam muslimah. i totally agree with u.. i have been studyin on all dis 4m a long tym.. n ISLAM is the best religion.. itnever teaches ny1 2 go on war.. it only asks people 2 believe in ALLAH and WORSHIP THE TRUE POWER.. which is the god.. so takin islam in question cnt b left unattended.. iam a hindu girl 22 years old but RESPECT ISLAM EQUALLY AS U DO..

    may allah b with u 4ever

    • Salam Dolce,

      I really respect you, I respect where you come from, I respect your religion and beliefs
      thank you so much for your beautiful words, your pure heart and wonderful personality which is rare now adays.
      each person from a different religion will hate any other person which dont follow his beliefs. but Islam taught us to love
      everyone, no matter what’s his nationality, religion or race! you’ll be in my heart my sweet sister

      thank you so much and may Allah protect you Ameen. 🙂

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