Five questions will be asked on Judgment Day

The feet of the human being will not be able to move till he/she is questioned about five matters :

1. On what they spent their life
2. In what pursuits they passed their youth
3. From where did they earn wealth
4. On what they spent it
5. How much they acted upon the knowledge they required.


7 Responses to “Five questions will be asked on Judgment Day”

  1. Wow… really changes yr course in life

  2. Knowledge Seeker Says:

    Makes one worry about the course of the Ummah…people are pursuing wealth, using the most evil means (i.e. Ribbah, interest etc.) and other such illegal ways, and then spending it on the most flamboyant things, for ridiculous reasons (false hierarchies of respect/status)….we need to change from our arrogant and material driven ways, and think about what’s more important in life…like helping those around you, and most importantly the praise and remembrance of Allah subhanahu wa ta3ala

  3. i just wasted 1000 dollars on a gaming console, after reading this i regret it…

  4. asalaam walaikum, wa ratmatulillahi wa barakatu brothers and sisters, Insha’Allah Allah has and will continue to bless you with peace and happiness. I am a revert sister and i jus hav 2 say alhamdulillah i am muslim, because i cant begin to think of how i would be now if i didnt revert 2 Islam. I knw my purpose, my actions and hw my actions will affect me when it really matters. did i ever think about this before? like yh sure think i might get in trouble for this, but imagine a trouble or a punishment where u knw dis is THE PUNISHMENT imagine a punishment where u cnt jus say sorry. Imagine no helpers. i dunno, Alhamdulillah. Insha’Allah Allah continues 2 guide us along the straight path… Amirah

  5. This is so interesting, it is scary as well, and it does make you think …
    but Allah loves us truly and endlessly..

  6. m-u-s-l-i-m i am glad to be with them

  7. i also want to say i will the whole world began to believe in allah and become muslims

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